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      I had a dream last night. There was a ton of stuff that I’ve forgotten, but one part at the end (right before I woke up) really stuck out to me. I want to give as much detail as possible, so I’ll backtrack as far as I can and point out where I’ve forgotten details.

      — Dream Start —
      Night fell and the sport being played changed. This was usual. I left a little disappointed cuz I wanted to play more, but I couldn’t see enough anyway.

      A kid shows up (someone I know in real life who has a bunch of mental disorders; he’s 12 y/o) and confesses that he just spent $9000 by mistake. His dad shows up behind me and approaches the kid, calmly telling him, “It’s okay. Just how did this happen?” There are details I’m forgetting, but it had to do with the money passing through somebody else. It also had to do with the kid’s own child. (The child may be the “somebody else”.)

      This is news to everyone, even the kid. No one knew he had a son. I remember being confused, cuz it didn’t make sense that a 12 y/o boy could have a kid. So in that moment the kid turns into a young teen… woman? The gender is vague. I think my brain was trying to make sense of this person having a kid and used the most stereotypical symbol of “young person with unexpected child”.

      Now the police are involved. A lot of police. The kid (the one with the child) is gone with the police, but will be coming back. I am with the dad and bunch of other young folk. We’re kinda like family + friends treated as family (e.g. like at a church). The dad is waiting for his kid to be brought back. The moment that happens, the dad will be leaving with his kid, and he wants me and one other person to go with them.

      At some point there was rain, and the clothes I put on to keep the rain off me are almost soaked through. I want to go back up to my room (we’re right next to a HUGE hotel where I’m staying) and change clothes. But the dad doesn’t want me to leave in case the kid shows up, cuz then they’d leave without me. I also kinda need to urinate (not too bad, but it’s uncomfortable), so I tell him I need to use the bathroom and I’ll only be 5 to 10min. He reluctantly lets me go.

      I run off. I go to the two elevators and press the button to call one. But the button said “10”, which is apparently the express elevator to the 10th floor. I try to call the other, but this one keeps opening. I’m beginning to panic. I reach inside and press the button to send it to the 10th floor, then press a different button outside to call an elevator that goes to all floors (my room is on the 3rd). I notice other sets of elevators off to the side and realize these two elevators are special. But by this time the elevator has arrived and it has a button to the 3rd floor. But it needs my keycard to work! Again, I’m feeling rushed and a little panicked. I put the keycard in, but upsidedown. Then I put it in correctly, and it gives me groceries and my mail from a slot that opens up, and I STILL don’t have access to the elevator! At this point, I’m majorly panicking and thinking I should just go back cuz the other thing (the dad + his kid) is way too important to miss.

      That’s when I woke up.

      For years, I used to have dreams periodically where I was running late or missed something important, but those usually had to do with school. (Even though I’ve been out of school for a decade now.) Also, my dreams recently have been taking events that happened in real life and changing them to a bad outcome. I often feel very gross upon waking up. So I wonder how much of this dream is the same kinda thing: the enemy (or my own fears) messing with me. But I also know that God can warn us in the night and I don’t wanna miss something important, all cuz I’m trying to become comfortably clean. So I want extra counsel and discerning in this matter.

      Thank you very much,

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