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      Please pray for my husband. There is something going on between him and his colleague Amelia who is also married. I’n heartbroken.

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      Lord release your healing balm on debbie now in jesus name break all ungodly soul ties between amelia and Debbie’s husband .lord defeat the spirit of jezebel.bring conviction of the holy spirit to all guilty parties.begin to restore and replenish Debbie’s marriage.lord intervene in Amelia’s marriage and bring healing to her husband as well. Let both unfaithful parties return to their own cisterns in jesus name.

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      Heavenly Father, I thank You, for You are God of all. We cling to You, for there is none like You.

      I lift up Debbie’s precious heart to You. I know You love and care for her. You cherish her heart. May she feel Your love and tenderness. Your healing power.

      Holy Spirit, I ask that You convict her husband and bring him back to You. Back to repentance. Supply him with what he feels is missing – for only You can provide. Lead him to make wise decisions that further Your kingdom.

      For what You have brought together, let no man separate. I ask that You bring restoration and healing to their marriage. We love You and praise You for what You are doing. In Jesus’s Name, Amen

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      Sister Rachelle

      Thank you Jesus for your love thank you Jesus for the healing power in your Blood please forgive us Father for our sins known an unknown! Father I am Praying that your words heal this family “That’s how husbands
      ought to love their wives
      in the same way as they do
      their own bodies. Anyone
      who loves his wife loves
      himself. No one ever hates his
      own body, but feeds it and
      takes care of it just like Christ
      does for the church because
      we are parts of his body“ restore the old bones of the old relationship and give them new life new love new marrow to move forward with I pray your words give them strength keep them and guide them Thank you in advance Father God because I am a believer in your word peace and healing in Jesus Christ Name Amen

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