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    It started with me in a car with a friend/sister and my son in the back seat. We were driving through a nice neighborhood. I parked on the left side of the road. Kind of hit the curb in the process and corrected the mistake. We got out and went across the street into this beautiful house. The first room had thick white hairy carpet. The fibers of the carpet where getting in between my toes as a walked on it to get through the room. There was a man in there and he said something to me (can’t remember what was said.)The room I believe was to the left when you came in the door.

    Went out of the white hairy carpet room to a huge open living room and kitchen area. Lots of people there. The kitchen was breathtaking. A huge island with chairs all around it and food on top of it. The back of the kitchen had the sink and stove and counter space. Someone was cooking. Every one was smiling and laughing. The kitchen felt like it was curved. Like a upside down U. My fried/sister yelled from across the room. “What is this?” She was half way in a small tiny wooden room in the middle of the gigantic room. From where I stood I could tell there was a light in the small square wooden room and something else. I just looked at her shrugged and said “IDK?”

    Then I walked through the kitchen looking at the darkish wooded cabinets. Lots of people as I was walking around the island. I said “this is breathtaking my dream kitchen.” There was a lady who was working on the counter space on the back side of the kitchen. It looked like she was cutting up fruit or cooking something, she turned around and replied to me. She looked happy, full of joy, her eyes where lit up and a huge smile on her face (I don’t remember what she said.)

    I just kept navigating around the people and the island. I didn’t feel stressed out in the crowd like I normally do. There was a small area where the follow of traffic got tight. I tried to move through the congestion and someone behind me was trying to pull a white chair from the right side of the island through the congested part to the top of the U. It wasn’t working I was in the way. I tried to go forward to move and this person just kept pulling the chair blocking me. So I stop squished backwards and let the person pull the chair where they wanted it to go. They didn’t say anything to me during this time. I recognize the person. It was another friend.

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