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      At my sister’s apartment, but she isn’t there. Colorful mats on part of the floor like for kids, like pieces of a puzzle put together. I am with A, B (man and woman) and C (man, good friend of A). In real life i know A & C well, but not B. It is morning. I do not know why they are there. C is in his corner doing something. A and T are together in the kitchen (there is no door, and we can all see each other no matter where we are in the apartment (but the bedrooms). It is breakfast time. There is some kind of dough? I make one crepe, and it comes out heart shaped, I didn’t do it on purpose. I am not hungry, it is on my plate, but I am not touching it yet. I am removed from the rest of the group, seating in the living room at a table, but i can see the kitchen, and C in his corner, from where i am. No one seems to have noticed the odd-shaped crepe. A makes breakfast, but only for B and him, ignoring C and me: 2 pancakes, and eggs, and he puts a plate in front of her. She takes it and comes and sits next to me and starts eating. She looks different than in real life, in that her face is slimmer and she is smiling (wasn’t smiling last time she saw me irl, quite the opposite, had an attitude), she looks beautiful and younger. She sits next to me and seems to attempt to make conversation, with a smile, and starts by thanking for making her breakfast, and says it’s so good (like she is surprised) and I look at her surprised, not understanding why she is telling me that. I reply, it’s A who made it, not me (she saw him do it, was next to him, so why lie and give me credit?). I notice my crepe in the plate and puts it in a brown bag, so she won’t see it since she is so close. She seems to want to continue to make conversation, but I am not comfortable. I notice that I have a raw egg in front of me, and I get up to cook it and eat with my crepe. To excuse myself I show her the egg, which i crack and it starts dripping a little (did I think it was cooked already?), and tell her I need to cook it before it goes to waste. So i leave and go in the kitchen, where i am alone. It takes me a while to figure out how to make the stove work, because it looks like an electric burner stove on the top, but I can see what it is made of inside, and it is a natural gas stove with flames, and there is one burner that seems always lit, even when one tries to turn it off. And I need to move the body of the stove so the flame will be positioned where the electric burner I need is, so it will be hot and good to use for cooking.

      But then it is time to go, the egg wasn’t cooked for lack of time. C shares his plan to go to a French service; he is American, so that is weird. A & B are with him and listening, and an old French hymn is playing in the background as he says that (same as in the TV show I watched before going to sleep). I try asking where the service is taking place and what time, because I am interested as well, but it seems no one is listening to me, as if they can’t hear my voice. I wake up, unsettled. This feels like a prophetic dream, but i struggle to decipher it.

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      Hello Beloved,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. First, know that you are a “beloved” of the Most High God regardless of what is going on around you and how people treat you. Second, please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      You need to serve B(woman) love (heart shaped crepe) in the form of, and using the Word of God. May the Holy Spirit empower you to display Galatians 5:23 and 1Corinthians 13. You have the ability to discern things but feel invisible and perhaps ostracized from the intimate dealings of some people that you care about. You might also be discerning that revival is needed but not sure how to go about it. I think that the French aspect means something and may or may not be literal. May the Holy Spirit give you further clarity about this aspect. Continue to press in and He will reveal all in His Perfect timing.


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      Thank you, F.E. Serving B does nor resonate with me, given how that person has been behaving toward me in real life, but I pray God’s blessings and Kingdom in her life. Thank you again.

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