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      Please pray the Hedge of Thorns Prayer for my wife. We have been living in two separate households because I have been taking care of my parents and her parents. I recently found out that she has been out with other guys and she secretly met with a divorce attorney. She has turned her back on God and only takes from the Bible what is convenient for her. Please pray that she reconciles and restores her relationship with God and also our marriage and family. I am really concerned with her relationship with God because she is truly lost and I do not want to see her outside the will of God. I constantly keep her covered in prayer and text her little prayers and quotes. The devil has seen where he can get in and rip our family apart and he is having his way with my wife. She is acting single like she has no children or a husband and is living in the world partying drinking and hanging out all times of the night.

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      I am praying for you, I know this is heartbreaking. please pray for my husband Nick the same situation with his secrete girlfriend of 3 years. He done pretty deceiving with ge and out of 16 years I see it started with his infidelity. I never knew until a month ago. It’s broken our family. I’ve been being a mother and he’s been living like a single person lying and saying he’s working. He is not a Christian but I am and his mother is. I’m praying the Holy Spirit convicts him and he comes home, repent and reconcile. I do love him.

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