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      Please pray for me and my partner Ashraf Moltie for reconciliation.Father God please put forgiveness in both our hearts,father God please repair what is broken in our relationship,father God I pray the hedge of thorns over Ashraf and ask that you reunite us in the mighty name of Jesus,father God I break every plot and plan of the enemy over my relationship,father God please I beg you my lord to please reunite me and Ashraf in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

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      Please pray for Mario, (son in law) to be saved, delivered, be filled with The Holy Spirit and be reconciled to his wife Mandy, and his 3 kids in Christ Jesus our Lord. God Bless.

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      Demitria M Goodwin

      I need prayer my sons dad and I do not get along and we need to at least for our son which he is 4. I just need to heal from this he done so much to us but I keep forgiving him and I’m tired now.

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      La Ronda

      God is the healer of broken hearts. In fact he sent His son Jesus Christ who died on the cross to bear any brokenness and pain that we may have. You see Jesus has already bore the issues inflicting your relationship. So today, We give it to Him and pray for his tender care and mercies that He mends both of your hearts and make your relationship better than it was before this conflict. I pray this in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!

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