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      I was praying about a particular person, asking God to intervene in how this person interacts with me and asking God to cut off inappropriate evil behaviors from this person (This person often over many years seems to have negative and manipulative behaviors words and actions towards me –mixed in with what seems to be positive). This person has been trying to monitor and survey me in an intimidating controlling way and it has been very intense lately and you can feel a very oppressive intense spirit when this person engages in this behavior with me-very disturbing.

      I asked God in the prayer if I am misinterpreting things to please let me know, but if not – please cast this person’s behavior and bad spirit out cut it off, and let this person not target me (or anyone else).

      **** While doing this I SAW A FIELD OF GREEN GRASS, slightly flowing in the wind flash before me. I was led to seek out what this may mean.

      Anyone who has the Holy Spirit given gift of interpretation, I would appreciate sharing any thoughts or interpretation. Blessings in Jess Name, Prism.

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      Hello Prism,

      Thank you for sharing your story and vision with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Guard your fruitful intimacy with the Lord. Psalm 23 comes to mind.

      It is alright to maintain healthy boundaries even if that means blocking people at times. You can still love them and pray from afar. Guard your fruitful intimacy with the Lord.


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