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      Sub: several Muslims are healed through prayers in Jesus’ name
      Dear Brothers & Sisters in the Body of Christ,
      Once again thanks for your kind and continuous prayers for me, family, team and ministry especially among the MUSLIMS and Hindus. Your prayers are strengthening us and helping us to carry His task in the midst of opposition and even threats for our lives. Several people has been touched and healed through prayers in Jesus’ name within two weeks. Praise The Lord!
      On 16th March (Friday), a Muslim lady Mrs. Sabina Bibi along with her sister attended for Friday worship service for the first time.
      A Few Prayer Points:
      ** Mrs. Sabina Bibi is suffering by Tuberculosis. Pray for her that our Lord might touch & heal her.
      ** Mahosin’a mother (Muslim lady) came for prayer as she was suffering by pains on her whole body from last several years. She was instantly healed after prayer in Jesus’ name.
      ** Jesus healed another Muslim lady who was suffering in Gynaecological Problems.
      ** Ten days ago another lady contacted me over telephone and asked prayer for her husband whose right hand & right leg became paralysed. Later on his relatives informed me that he is much better after prayer in Jesus’ name. There were several others healed in Jesus’ name for His own glory.
      ** A university student (girl) came for prayer who was suffering by otitis. Jesus has healed her totally and no more pains and no more ear discharge after prayer in Jesus’ name.
      ** My daughter Noorie is suffering by Kidney infection from last seven days and she even can’t move at all. Her joint entrance exam will held on 6th May.
      ** Mrs. Sredevi became pregnant after 3 years through the power of prayer in Jesus’ name. She has fears that her embryo will abort. Pray that God might protect and bless her embryo to develop.
      Contact: MUSLIMS4JESUS1994@GMAIL.COM

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      Prema Ruth

      Pls pray for dad n send request to your prayer warriors to hold dad in prayer. I am seeking for a miracle that his liquid retention from his lungs to disappear. His kidney n heart function to be back to normal. I want to testify this! His name is Sam n 76 years old

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      Please pray for healing for my brother Edwin. He is in the hospital with liver and colon infection. Today he’ll have a MRI of the head to check for cancer. Please, keep him in your prayers. Thanks for praying. God bless! ♥

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