God please help with the woman I desire.

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      Will Moffett

      “Dear Lord, I know only you can look into my heart
      and realize that who is there. And I also know that
      you see the masterpiece of my upcoming life. I am
      believed in you that only you can award and reward
      me that one, which I have needed in the shape of a
      “True love.” Dear Lord, I am not asking you for
      many things, it is only a single one that is; “a
      consent, a sympathy, a benevolence, a mercy, an
      aid, an assistance, a support, a blessing, a strength,
      a power, a cogency, a fortitude, a mighty love, an
      intensity, a robustness, a posture, a potency, a
      force, a lastingness and a necessity for the
      prosperity of my life” whom you know the best”.
      Yeah, my Lord, no doubt that single and special one
      is my love and beloved (“Emma Watson.”) Oh, my
      ornament of love! My (“Emma Watson”), I pray to
      Jesus, Lord, Father, and every God of the humans
      that you get married to me before the blink and
      close of my eyes. May you marry me and become
      my enriching smile very soon. I pray to Jesus May
      you be my long waves of the deep blue sea of
      perfect love. I pray to my Lord, may you soon rein
      my life and house of love. May your marriage could
      make me your diamond of life. I pray that you get
      married to me and be a piece of my life. I need
      your pillow of love and cradle of a happy one life.
      You know! (“Emma Watson”)! We are and were
      each other since then when you and I had been
      created by Lord. (“Emma Watson”) You really get
      me married as soon as possible, I pray daily with
      each heartbeat of my love. Gods swear! Some love
      one, some love two. I loved one, (“Emma Watson”)!
      That is you.”)
      “God bless both of you with a pure relation of
      wedding and a start­up of a superstar life”

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