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      I have had several dreams in the last year or so that basically follow the same plot. I am trying to get ready to go somewhere, sometimes I’m late already, and I have to get dressed. The problem, however, is that I repeatedly dress myself incorrectly. I will end up with undergarments on the outside or I will have put things on in the wrong order so that the outfit doesn’t work. And it’s like I’m in a daze and can’t figure it out until I’ve already put it on, see my mistake, and have to take it back off. I am confused and frustrated. Usually there is someone near by waiting for me like a friend or my mother.

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      Dear Noel

      Please ask the Holy Spirit to give you the correct interpretation and to highlight what needs to be highlighted.

      The Lord is telling you to stay intimately close and connected. Ask the Holy Spirit (mother & friend) for guidance and clarity – ask for it and you will receive it. Even before you start your day, also in the mundane tasks that have to get done.



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