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      Kimone Johnson

      Please help me interpret this dream

      My cousin said to me have you seen your family over there. I looked and recognized her, but this person had covered herself the moment I called her by her name. I call her about 3 times but she did not answer. I wanted to asked her how was her dad. But she used her finger still covered and beckons me to come. I went. She said that is you cousin up there; she is sick with that thing. I said hello to this cousin but she was not real human. She was like an audio person. It was like a digital radio. There was a word written in red and I could see frequency when she speaks.

      I said to this audio cousin. What is your name? She told me her name but I do not remember it. I told this audio cousin that I do not know her. She said she has been waiting a long time for me. I said to her how are you doing? She replied, I am keeping the faith. I said to her, how did you get faith, she responded, I said hallelujah. I then said to her hallelujah is calling to God, I also said to this audio cousin “what I want you to do is to buy yourself a bible. Faith come by hearing. Read Hebrew 11. You can overcome your sickness. God created us and he can alter us”.

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      Hello Kimone,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. I confess that it was a bit hard to follow. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.
      Please lift up the “audio” cousin in prayer if you can identify her. I don’t know why the image of a hologram came to mind. All is not as it should be, the Word of God and encouragement from you specifically is what she needs.


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