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      I was three months overdue with my rent but God provided on February 25 and I was able to pay all my outstanding bills, tithe and bless others around me. I am a full-time graduate student and have been persevering with paying my bills, tuition and caring for my son. God has been teaching me his financial principles and as a result I refused to take the student loans offered to me. I believed God would provide and He has. He blessed me with a part-time job and I have received many financial gifts from the saints who felt led to give to me. Glory! December, January and the first few weeks of February were so hard and I endured much affliction financially. The tests were necessary and though I didn’t enjoy them I see God’s wisdom and sanctification process. I am learning to wait and to trust.

      I had my car insurance cancelled due to non-payment and really struggled. I did not drive my car in obedience to the laws and waited. One day I needed to get some groceries so I walked to the store. I had debated if I should take the bus but chose to walk (nice workout!) even though it was a very, very cold day. While walking home from the grocery store, a bus pulled up a head of me and I thought someone was getting off at the stop. As I walked up the sidewalk and was adjacent to the bus, the door was open and the bus drive leaned out and said “you need a ride, get on the bus”. I was so blown away…. a bus just stopped randomly to pick me up and take me home. God is so faithful and kind. It was an affectionate and kind gesture that brough reassurance and joy. He is faithful.

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