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      Grethel Smith

      There was a wasteland, there were no leaves on trees. Trees appear to be dry. There was sparseness of trees. I could see far into another village. There was a road and I got the impression that it was not the road to where I live. I sensed that it lead into another village. Everything looked the same – sort of barren? I felt lost.

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      Barren land in a dream could possibly either mean that you’re being warned of of tough times ahead in your life and,therefore, need to prepare yourself for the challenge or avert it through prayer and fasting asking God to be with you during your passing through that patch of land in your life. The situation may either be averted or will definitely come to pass, depending on whether God is intending for you to learn something out of it or the devil intended to destroy you. Always quote in your prayers scriptures from the bible which speak about God’s protection over your life.

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