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Dreamt of a rat as big as a cat in my apartment

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      I had a dream that disturbed me.I dreamt that a big rat The size of a cat was in my apartment.And Iy dream i was thinking I knew we had a small mouse but not this size.I began to lay down sticky mice trap but tried to put three together since they were small in the rat was big.I actually have glue traps on waking life.The rat like a cat is under my couch looking at me it comes out and skids across the glue trap but it doesn’t catch the fur of it.It comes where I am sitting on loveseat and looks up at me and makes a sound of anger like a cat showing all its teeth at me.It then goes to kitchen and me and my mom grab store bags to put over irs head because they glue traps aren’t helping. When we went to put the store bags over its head like a human it looked at us like no please don’t do it.They we put the bags over its head but the head popped it and it dropped its head on the floor like to say oh boy I don’t believe this and I said to my mom when we throw it out the neighbors where hear it because it was only wrapped in bag.But pass it having head it the bag my dream didn’t go pass that. Can I please tell me what this means thank you God bless ypu

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      Hello Faye,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Here’s a rhetorical question for you. Who is someone that you think is “infesting” your life, that “hisses” (perhaps has sharp words/misleading spiritual words) at you?


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      Wow,thank you for those questions.i am so glad I was able to come here and post my dreams and concerns one friend looked it up and she sent me text saying rat means disease,plaque and not too many other positive things a former pastor told me it mice means witches so you can imagine when I dreamt of a mouse size of cat.But one wise friend said not to ask everybody because only people anointed with gift of interpretation can help and I agree.thank you.i am relieved that you didn’t say about disease sickness plaques especially with these different variants of covid.God bless you and Merry Christmas and please feel free if holy spirit leads you to state more I am grateful for your gift and love for brother and sisters

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