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      Courtney S.

      In my dream last night, many things were going on that I don’t remember. Many of my friends and family were in the dream. We were somehow connected to an old lady. And this lady had a middle aged son that was in charge of taking care of her business. So we dealt much with him. He was a really grumpy and unpleasant fellow, and never happy about anything. At some point in the dream, though I’m unsure if the old lady died or not, I received an inheritance from her. I saw her son talking outside of the house with some people I knew, so I went up to them, and he turned to me and very pleasantly gave me a set of keys on a keyring. It was the only time in the dream he wasn’t upset about something. He was actually okay with giving me the keys. He said they’re for me, my inheritance from his mother. So I took the keys home and spent the rest of the dream looking at them and studying them. They were keys to safes or storage rooms that contained my inheritance. They looked more like coins than keys. Or at least maybe the heads the keys looked like coins, and engraved down the body was the amount of money that the stuff in the storage rooms was worth. One key had an amount written in hundreds. Another had an amount written in thousands. Another in millions. And another a billion. They were all mine. But I spent the rest of the dream just waiting to go unlock my inheritance. I don’t know what I was waiting for. Was I simply waiting? Did I not know where the storage rooms were? Was I waiting on a person? I don’t know. I seemed to be waiting for something.

      Is there something I’m supposed to be doing?

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      Hello Courtney,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Ask the Lord to give you insight regarding what the “keys” represent. It sounds like you do have the keys that might provide literal/metaphorical wealth in incremental amounts. You may have to wait for the “wealth” that has been stored up for you. In addition, ask the Lord for wisdom to be able to discern how to use the “keys” provided for you and if there is something literal that has been hidden from you in the natural.


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