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      N Mitchell

      Hello Family in Christ.

      I need some help with a dream interpretation. I had a dream yesterday. I was in a store that looked like a pawn shop. I was attending the store and I was under guard of 3 strong men. The one that was watching me was under the other 2 and I could tell that he was not at powerful in authority as the others.

      I noticed that people who came in this store to pawn their watches, were not ordinary people, nor ordinary watches. These watches were very costly and luxurious. And the people that were pawning the watches were famous in their respective industries.

      As the people came in to pawn their watches, the guard who was over me was telling me that in a very ornate box was Michael Jordan’s watch. I opened the box and it was a very luxurious. Very thick, it was white and blue, but you could tell this watch was not an ordinary time piece.

      My eyes kept venturing to the watch that belonged to Michael Jordan. As people were coming in and out. All of a sudden there was a great distraction outside. All the guards went to inspect, but I stayed back in the store.

      I opened the box that contained Michael Jordan’s (basketball legend) watch and put it in my pocket, quickly, before the guards came back in. The bulge from the watch made it hard for me to be discreet that the watch was in my pocket but it went un noticed from the guards.

      Eventually it came time for lunch and the store had temporarily closed down while the guards indulged in their pleasures and past times. The guards were handsome strong men, but I detected evil in them.

      I convinced the lowliest guard to let me go out and get food and I would bring them back some food as well, however, my intention was to really escape and flee with the watch. I was able to convince the guard to let me go, and I used that time to escape with the watch.

      From what I can collect from my dream, is that I am stealing back time. But am having a hard time understanding past that. At current, I am praying for God to give me a revelation regarding this dream.

      Thanks all who God sends to help me with this dream.

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      Hello N Mitchell,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Time is of the essence and you need to be in step with the things of God regardless of the pressure. Obedience is key. Also please pray that God gives you discernment regarding the true spirits of “watchers” (those in authority) that are over you in waking life from spiritual and relational perspectives.


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