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      Mercy Omoke

      Last night I dreamt that my husband was sited on a table in a public place I had put around him three bottles of Keringet water. What was striking was that he was dressed in dark blue Jeans shirt, light blue jeans trouser, and light blue safari boot shoes with a brown sole. I seemed to be standing a short distance from him. He stood from the table and walked towards me saying I will be travelling home. I my mind what registered was our village home and my spirit was afraid as I felt he may die on the way.

      However point to note is that before I went to bed I was angry and had told him he will kneel before God and repent and he had responded that yeah I will die. So I went to bed canceling the spirit of death and rebuking every word I had spoken.

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      DEE DEE

      i had a dream that two grizzly bears were in my house upstairs without permission my husband was afraid and hid in the closet , i said i’m not afraid i will make them go out and i opened the front door and said loud get out now, the male bear came down the stairs and ran out the door but the female was shy and afraid to go out and she looked at me she was wearing an apron then turned and went back in a room.

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      i dreamabout my younger son’s dead grand mother swearing at me and she was so angry, she couldn’t listen to me, and what makes her angry was something tha i did not do or say, somebody lied about me

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      I dream being held Dow. By evil and can’t shout out my voice gone

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