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      Good day

      I dreamt of me being in this dark house and each time I open the door they would be a big dog barking at me viciously, then I wasnt scared but i walk straight to the dog and placed my hand on its jaws and tore it apart and through the dog away holding it by the jaws. So this happened 3 times so it was a different dog each time , so there were images of bodies in this house but i could tell who there are . There spoke to me saying what must we do with you. From there i moved outside the house I wore this clear type shoes i could see my feet in these shoes, after wearing them i ran so fast then i suddenly woke up to my feet burning of heat. only my feet to my knees. I got up and prayed but i dont understand what it means

      Everynow and then if I am hyped up with something from the Word of God or I am doing my confession or praying i would experience this heat or warmth on the palm of my hands but the rest of my body would be on normal temperature . I dont understand why .

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      1:House represent your life
      2: there is darkness \evil arround or in you Dark room
      3: evil represented by the dog invading your privacy
      4: open door allows evil spirits into your personal life
      5:beware of wicked evil people in your life talking to you Barking dog
      6: Repettion dream. Enemy/ evil spirits attempting to take you down a path that you have already been delivered from the repetition dream.You will defeat the enemy
      7: you defeating the dog represent Boldness and courageous fighting the enemy
      8:But you running represents a spirit of fear
      You are in two minds A spirit of fear and a spirit of courage
      check out proverbs 28 1 and 2Timothy 1 7
      9:spirit of limitations and restrictions bare foot. although you have shoes they are clear which means everyone can see your problems your fears. who are you talking to about your problems especially your financial problems
      9:continue to read your Bible to feed your spiritual man
      Scripture says this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting Mathew 17 21
      go on a 1 or 3 day fast and prayer
      pray against the spirit of fear

      pray the breaking curse prayer

      Heavenly Father, I repent of the word curses I have spoken over myself and over _____ (others, my child, my finances, my health, my mind, my spouse, my relationship to You). Please forgive me for speaking these word curses and destroy them in Jesus Name. Do not allow them to come to fruition and deactivate any demonic assignments which may have been released because of them. I pray by the power and conviction of your Holy Spirit that if ever I attempt to pray any prayers outside of Your will to the destruction of myself, my family and others that you bring this prayer to mind and cause my mouth not to utter these curses. I am standing on your Word that You would give me the Keys to the Kingdom, that whatsoever I would bind on earth would be bound in heaven and whatsoever I would loose on earth would be loosed in heaven. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I bind up all demonic and soulish prayers that have been prayed over me and my family and cast them into the lake of fire. I pray that all of those prayers shall come to naught. I pray you bring revelation to anyone praying these prayers that they would stop, repent and turn to you for guidance and direction. I freely forgive them and pray that You, Lord, will forgive them also. I loose Your perfect will and answered prayers into my life. I loose your revelations, plans and purpose to flow freely into my life unhindered this year. I pray that my mind is clear, my heart is open and ready to receive Your truth and that no weapons that are ever formed against me shall prosper. Now that these curses are broken, I am trusting in You Lord to release everything to me that was held up by soulish prayers and diabolical spirits, In Jesus Name, Amen.
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