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    LaQuetta Green Danzy

    Last night I had a dream of a large blue and purple crystal and I heard a friend say I want a piece I prayed over the crystal. And as I prayed it broke in to piece when I said amen and than I shared with my friends.

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    I believe that this dream is telling you that you have something your friends desire. You are a very giving person. The gift that God has given you, they want it, too. They know by asking you, you will always impart words of wisdom and encouragement to them, so much so, you are often left with nothing. Protect your heart. In your dream, the crystal broke into pieces. That is a representation of you. You’re sharing yourself with too many people and you are breaking. I suggest you begin a fast. Ask God to show you the people in your life that are for you. Ask him to help you discern the intentions of those coming into your life. Pray that He build you up and make you stronger and replenish all that you have given. The Word instructs is to serve others and give generously, but we also have to discern those moments of giving because there are lots of takers. I pray this answer gives you clarity.

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    I believe that your dream speaks of you, imparting the gifts that God has given you to others. The blue represents heaven and the purple represents royalty, and adds up to salvation. Others see this in you and desire what you have, you are very generous and desire to impart these gifts to others. That’s why after you prayed and said, “amen”, it broke into pieces(not a bad thing). When God blesses you it so that you may be a blessing unto others. Sharing what God gives you in this manner will always make room for more. You are so precious, God Loves you so much!! I pray that this helps you!

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