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      Evelyn Johnson

      SAT 14th-15TH JAN, Between 12am-4am; DURING THE FASTING PERIOD
      I saw myself somewhere, Solomon Omoba my cousin came to informed me saying Micheal Omoba his brother’s wife is traveling to UK leaving the husband but the initial plan was for the him to move to UK first secure a job & apartment then bring her join him later but refuse insisted to go first. I left them came back home & met Hausa Muslim kids playing, disturbing & blocking the entrance of my door/window I chase them away several times but they keep coming back, then my formal neighbors (Oche & Charles) saying I should leave them alone I replied if they will allow them on their own door they kept mute, I ignore them and went after the kids capture them & tire them together in 2, 3 pairs the rest ran away. I was able to enter my enter my room to my surprise I met some group of familiar faces sitting on conference table for a meeting some group planning & another group making food/ zobo drink I was just observing is happening then I woke up.

      2ND DREAM 5am-7:40am
      I was at a Plaza 2 cars pack in front of a shop ground floor use for delivery of palm oil & others goods the sales lady who is suppose to use of the car don’t know how to drive we went to a car pack talking, the I a saw Apostle Steven Ifeli of Unlimited Grace Ministry I use to attend his Sunday evening fellowship once in a while, he was consulting a native doctor who sat at the last floor of the Plaza he was given a a powdered substance on a tip of a knife he took it walk forward & blow it to the air I pretended am not looking at him he went back & continue then saw Pastor Brown Folabora Bryhm(a demonic pastor I left his ministry in 2014 after 7years of worshiping in his church) together with Apostle Steven in my mind I said this two people know themselves he left him to meet his media crew staffs they were recording message/songs I appeared at the last floor they sat in a circle blocking the passage. I had to use another route to climbed down the stairs I notice on the left side of the Plaza a sudden stream appeared with a thin narrow crossbar /wood two guys jump through water to the other side of the stream, I was thinking which lane to use to crossover the concrete or wood slap a guy came to cross but fell into the stream I rush to the bank of the stream to rescue him by holding him hand to drag him out then I notice Apostle Steven hiding under the water holding the guys legs before I could bring him out he is dead someone said he had chicken box and should enter a pharmacy to get vaccinated I got in but the staff they have close, I came out to use another one in the process I woke up.

      SUNDAY 15TH 1ST DREAM 3:29am
      I saw myself in apartment where my formal move out of a bigger apartment for me to pack in. 3 different men handover bags full of money to me,I was waiting for the room to clear for me to count the money in the process I woke up.

      2ND DREAM 6-8am
      I dreamed saw myself @ Keffi-Nassarawa State, Nigeria I enter to buy something at a village called Sabogeri. Then I saw Mr. Adebayo Omoba looking sick and was admitted to the hospital, we shared biscuits his 1st wife collected spring rolls from a guy. He ask Micheal and His first wife to prepare leafs herbs for him. I ask him his is on medication and still wants to take herbs at the same time, then Micheal started killing different kinds of reptiles in the admission ward I tried to kill few in the process I woke up.

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