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      Samuel Brown

      My wife and I was walking home from church and she was playing hide and seek. She ran behind a large rock, and I heard her calling me for help. As I ran to her rescue, I saw two men coming from behind the rock and I fought they were thieves so threatened them and said I hope you have not touched her and they said no. They appeared me frightened of me than me of them. When I got to my wife, she was sitting on a large rock stroking her legs in pain. Then suddenly found myself holding her in my harms and she was crying and I asked her what was wrong. She pointed to her legs which stuck under the Rock and her upper body was nothing but a skeleton shell. I then took piece of a bone from her hips to join them together to her body and suddenly I awoke.

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      Samuel Brown

      I was hanging up my Dads memorial picture in church and when I left it for a minute, it fell down because I was not a DIY man and was struggling to secure it to the wall in the church. When I returned to check on the picture, someone had taken it down. I asked my sister who took it down and she pointed to a man. I walked up to him and asked him why and he said it’s not the church policy. I called him outside to talk to him privately and as he went into his car he showed me his body which which was rotting. He had no flesh on his front nor back and the poo was coming from his backside. He cried out in pain to me and struggled to get out of the car to use the toilet. Then suddenly I awoke

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      Samuel Brown

      I was in a church conference and the auditorium was packed out with people and I was sitting at the back. Then suddenly I saw a red and yellow car. The yellow car (teaching) was trying to take over the red car (Church), but the yellow car wheel was hitting the curve and I was able to see the details of the engine and the mechanics of the car as the driver was pressing on the accelerator. Then suddenly the red car spindled over in flames of fire in the air and the women that was in the car was wearing a white wedding dress and the preacher was trapped.

      I quickly got up from my seat and ran to the front of the stage to help them and, I realised that I was the only one that actually saw the accident and the only person there. The driver was hurt and he asked for water. The women in the white wedding dress was lying on her back on the floor badly hurt and could not move. The preacher was busy entertaining the crowd and when he saw me walking up to the women, he told me to be quiet and not to pray for the women.

      Then suddenly Jesus appeared at the far right side of me at a distance, and he said “ Lay your hands on her and pray for her to be healed. Don’t listen to them as they will not want you to pray for the sick, but you must pray for the sick. ‘’

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        Hello Samuel,
        Thank you for sharing your dreams with us. Please take everything that I say to the Holy Spirit as He gives the final/accurate interpretation.
        I believe that all three dreams are pointing to the same thing, just displayed from different angles to create a full picture. Almost like Joseph’s interpretation of Pharaoh’s dreams. I don’t feel led at this time to dissect every element, but rather give you the essence. Part of me feels that you might already know the meaning, but might be looking for confirmation.
        I sense that you have a great calling/anointing on you to bring life to rotting and dying things/people. People’s/church’s walk (wife’s legs) are being compromised and you are called to also support them in prayer and words of affirmation. You also have the gift of discernment, healing, and helps. You want to elevate God the Father (Dad’s picture), but people don’t see eye to eye with you or are feeling intimidated. However, you need to and are called to move from the “back” to the front lines. The driver asking for water could be a leader known or unknown to you that wants more of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. Don’t listen to the voice of the enemy. You’ve heard the saying “What would Jesus do?” right? Well He has answered in your dream.
        I believe that the last part of dream #3 is a directive from the King of Kings/Great Physician Himself and I can say no more 🙂

        *wife, woman in wedding dress= church


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      matthew onguru

      Please, may I ask if all these three dreams were one dream or different.
      Were they in different nights or one?

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