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      Samuel Brown

      I was in a church conference and the auditorium was packed out with people and I was sitting at the back. Then suddenly I saw a red and yellow car. The yellow car (teaching) was trying to take over the red car (Church), but the yellow car wheel was hitting the curve and I was able to see the details of the engine and the mechanics of the car as the driver was pressing on the accelerator. Then suddenly the red car spindled over in flames of fire in the air and the women that was in the car was wearing a white wedding dress and the preacher was trapped.

      I quickly got up from my seat and ran to the front of the stage to help them and, I realised that I was the only one that actually saw the accident and the only person there. The driver was hurt and he asked for water. The women in the white wedding dress was lying on her back on the floor badly hurt and could not move. The preacher was busy entertaining the crowd and when he saw me walking up to the women, he told me to be quiet and not to pray for the women.

      Then suddenly Jesus appeared at the far right side of me at a distance, and he said “ Lay your hands on her and pray for her to be healed. Don’t listen to them as they will not want you to pray for the sick, but you must pray for the sick. ‘’

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