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      I had a dream that I was giving a conference to women some were from my church. When we ran out of time (I thought in the dream that I might’ve given them too much time to talk about the topic and so we ran out of time.). As everyone was making their way out, I found myself sitting in the auditorium. The lights were not on but the light from the lobby was enough so you can see when towards my right appeared sister Funke (a godly Nigerian woman whom I loved and passed away two months before from cancer). Of course I was surprised to see her. To my left sitting a few seats away was another woman from my church. I looked at her to see if she could see that it was sister Funke who was standing there and she nodded her head as to let me know she could see her. Mind you, Sister Funke passed away in June and her oldest daughter got married in August of last year. I wondered why the Lord did not allow her to make it to her daughter’s wedding. At
      That point in the dream is as if sister Funke knew that I wondered about that and she said “it’s an abomination!” I somehow understood that the reason she did not make it to her daughter’s wedding was because she was pregnant. So I asked sister Funke how far ahead is she and she said “5 months” and I woke up.

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