DEFINITELY going to die in this dream..

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      MY MOM HAD A DREAM.. and she needs your help!

      Her dream:

      “My Mom and Dad were in a car. My Dad was driving and my Mom was the passenger. It was a real nice sunny day and there was water to the right of them which was a really beautiful blue color (may have been an ocean, but not sure; just knew it was a big body of water). My Dad said to my Mom that he was going to pass this semi-truck that was ahead of them. It was a two-lane highway, so my Dad went to the left to pass this semi-truck and basically put the pedal to the metal and floored it. As they were passing this semi-truck (again, they were speeding big time) they were going around a curve, then my Dad lost control of the car and went over rocks, heading towards that water at FULL-SPEED, fast as ever!! As my Mom and Dad were airborne over the water, my Mom immediately started asking God to forgive her of all her sins and before they hit the water (my Mom knew in this dream as they were in the air that they were absolutely 100% going to die – she said she just knew that she knew without any doubt), my Mom says she then woke up.”

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      This is definitly a call to repentance dream.

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