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      Dear Missionaries
      I had a dream and I was in the arms of a man (who seems like an actor who is not my fan). I seemed to like sitting with him. He made a comment a few times that he cared for me as much as his ”troubled wife” who seemed to be in prison. I humbly asked to go home and he respected it. This man had a sick father that he cared for, he ushered him to sit in front of a car as I took the back so he drop me off.
      I prayed to God to reveal to me who this mystery man and his strange wife is. why the face of an actor. So I made a general prayer for them both(in relation to praying against Delilah’s) and God should show me what I need to know. Later that day my sister was watching a movie and i came by the hall, then i saw the same man, i said this must mean something so i viewed. The actor’s role was a deceiver and a corn who broke a marriage by manipulating the lady to leave the husband. I then immediately went to prayer. Again yesterday i saw the same actor in a different movie but the same role (i didn’t even plan to watch that station) as i was scrolling the channels. So in my hypothesis the movies I saw this actor have always had calm and gentle back roles; in the dream he seemed very kind, gentle and considerate.
      Is there a meaning to this, what does it even mean? I need help as I continue to pray.
      Thank you

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      Interpreted elsewhere!

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