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      i saw myself swimming very comfortably in deep clear waters in a tunnel that was subdivided in two lanes.we were several swimmers but it seemed that the majority of swimmers were on the other side of the line that sub-divided us.My side had very few people i could literally count as compared to The other lane which had very many people, we were all heading to the exit of the tunnel but i don’t remember seeing them reach the exit point, only me and my lane mates managed to reach exit point. upon reaching the end of the tunnel, i saw a mixture of beautiful colours flash before my eyes almost like a prism rainbow then suddenly i saw myself walking outside of the tunnel and inspecting the beautiful surroundings green grass,nice trees,fresh air, i was particularly drawn to a toilet built out of beautiful coral stones as i was marveling at it i woke up.

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      Hello Lorraine,
      Wow! What a beautiful dream!
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.
      What came to mind was Matthew 22:14 and please pray for other people in either your church or vicinity that ALL may finish the race set before us 2 Timothy 4:7. That toilet figure is interesting and I pray that the Lord gives you full clarity. I’ve never seen or heard of a toilet representing Christ or any one of the Trinity in a dream. But what did come to mind was Jesus the Chief Cornerstone.


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