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      I saw a dream where I see myself and two of my siblings in my house at the family room. I see two men outside in my backyard doing some sort of cleaning (it’s as if it s part of their duty). At first I thought it was my neighbour but it seemed like they were strangers. The sliding door from the backyard to where we are inside the house is closed. The grass area of my backyard looks very different in that it reminded me of a forest tree style that’s rooted to the ground and so muddy around it and messy and these two old looking men are attempting to clean the ground/surrounding area from cockroaches as apparently there are a lot of cockroaches that they need to dig through around to find them.

      In the meantime I start noticing dirt inside the house but then it looked black cockroaches which were increasing in numbers as I looked to see what’s going on, i see them (these two men) facing us from the window outside the backyard from the right side/middle from where we (I’m standing inside my house) and throwing cockroaches (but couldn’t see the reflection of the cockroaches going through the window and inside the house as the doors were closed and couldn’t even think properly as the cockroaches were increasing in numbers) whilst at the same time these two men were saying things to us (not sure what they were saying as the doors were closed but they weren’t pleased from us, as if they were cursing maybe? Not sure).

      I was in so much fear that I was trying to escape

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