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      I had a dream that I went into a abandonment house and I saw a homeless girl. It look like it was a drug house as well. I started to cry in my dream. I heard the song in my dream” if you want to make a change in my life by Michael Jackson the men in the mirror. “ I started to cry. When I woke up I was crying

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      Hello Ja,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Here’s a rhetorical question for you. Where in your life do you feel abandoned? In the words of another Michael Jackson song, “you are not alone…!” Most importantly, please remember Hebrews 13:5. Be encouraged!


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      Dee T

      I don’t know if you have experienced abandonment, rejection or loss in your life but know that Jesus loves you! Man in the Mirror (which I love MJ by the way), urges us to look at ourselves and change our ways! I believe this is a time of reflection for you, looking into your inner soul and seeing those hurts or issues that you may not have noticed before. Sometimes God allows them to come up and out to show us who we are and also to heal/purge us for total transformation! The mirror is a reflection of who we are (a symbol of our inner man) that you must come face to face with. Your soul is crying out and God wants to heal every where you hurt!


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