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      From a parked position at the side of a snowy road, I go to reverse slightly so that I can pull out to drive off.

      However, the car begins to travel at a much quicker speed in reverse. “Must be the snow or some ice on the road,” I rationalise and proceed to stop the car with the brakes as it’s entering a busy roundabout.

      Looking in the rear view mirror, I’m forced to navigate the car around the busy roundabout. It’s almost as though the car was being pulled along a route. It takes us into a mall which had a tiled road/path running through it.

      My foot was constantly trying to mash the brakes trying to stop the car so that I could drive forwards in the direction we needed to go. My husband was in the passenger seat (which is pretty accurate in the physical as I’m the driver in our family) and I say to him that I don’t understand because I’m mashing brakes to slow the car down but it isn’t having any impact. Even though we’re moving up a steep incline AND going over speed humps… yet the car is not slowing down but building speed as it travels in reverse.

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      Hello Guest,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Here’s a rhetorical question that might help you understand your dream. What area in your life do you feel:
      1) Is out of control?
      2) You are doing things in an unconventional manner?
      3)You might be regressing?


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