Braking generational and personal curses.

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    Urgent prayer. I need for God to tell me the root cause of my family poverty and sickness. My whole family is sick and very poor and marital problems. The devil wants to kill me. Every time I go to work I get really sick, and my son is sick too. When we recover we started al over again. If we can’t go to work we can’t pay our rent and bills. We NEED to start working Monday in order to survive.I ask for deliverance and restoration and God’s mercy and favor upon us. My both parents are very sick and they don’t even have money for a loaf of bread. They live in Romania. My husband and my sister died in the same month toe weeks apart. Please help us in prayer and god bless you all.

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    Heavenly Father, Thank you for this opportunity to pray for Daniela. She is Your
    child Lord. She needs You. She moves and have her being in You Lord.
    I pray for You to fill her up with Your Spirit. She has made Jesus her Lord and Savior. Every part of her life, body, soul and strength she submits to You Father God.
    All her cares and concerns she gives to You. She trusts You Lord. She won’t give up, she believes in Your power, Your wisdom, Your favor, Your protection. You are her everything. In Jesus name amen

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    Almighty Father, creator of the universe, here is your daughter Daniella and her family, touch them, heal them, provide for their needs and increase their faith in you I pray thee most merciful and gracious God in Jesus name, Amen

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    I pray that our Heavenly Father will supply all of your needs, give u and your family health, strength and peace in Jesus mighty name amen.

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    Daniela I pray to our Heavenly Father,
    that the root of your problems would be revealed to you, that God who see your heart and heartache would overwhelm you with His love, mercy, grace, courage, strength and healing, that the darkness that you feel would be replaced with His light and Sonshine. Finally I pray to Abba Father who gives good things to His children would supply all your and your family’s needs and add a special blessing. Through Jesus name I pray amen.

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    Heavenly Father, Your Son Jesus Christ came to set the captive free and to destroy the works of the evil one. Lord, let the reason Jesus came lift a standard against that generational and personal curse that’s over Daniela’s life. Let there be blessing, favor, and grace in her life and a covering over her, in the wonderful name of Jesus. Amen.

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    Father in heaven thank you for your grace and mercy upon Daniela’s life you are the only miracle worker that we know you are the mighty healer God you can do all things I pray that your divine power and healing hands touch each and every member of Her family today and May Your Grace continue to manifest on her in Jesus name (Amen)

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