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      Holly Barnes

      I had a dream that I was A child in a kitchen by the stove. I opened the stove and it had 3 sticks of butter in it. My mothers friend Donna came into the kitchen & I said I could cook her something and opened the stove and the stove was so deep and had a box of pencils. I took out the pencils and doug through the box and thought I should save the ones that were still usable.
      Then my dream changed to me being my age now 39 and in front of a grocery store or like a Home Depot but in my dream it was my sons school and I was there to pick him up. Although my mother was in a car in the parking lot which would’ve been how I must’ve gotten there but rather I was walking along the sidewalk wondering about why I was walking. Then a lady came up to me I knew and said she had seen me earlier at another store which was Hobby Lobby and she followed with saying, “Can you believe that your going to High School”, and I thought wow that’s gonna be weird because my son is at the same school. When I walked into the store/school there was all these white tables and I sat down in front of my son. Once I sat down the teacher said for everyone to turn to the book of Romans 4:54. I was so excited I shouted, “Romans is my favorite book in the Bible” and my son behind me giggled and said yep, that really is her favorite book. Oddly I could not find Romans in my bible as I tried to find it.
      Then all the sudden I was in the same room but it was night time and was dark, full of cots with people sleeping. A woman next to me was praying to God but unsure that he had forgiven her. I spoke to her and said, God is not grey in this area he is very black and white…. I said to her, if you have accepted Jesus then you are forgiven and he loves you so much he died for you, so be happy because you are forgiven. She dropped onto the floor and started crying thanking God. A man came over to ask what was wrong and I said nothing, she is just happy now.
      Then I was now inside what seemed to be a cavelike scenery and I was standing on a rocky cliff over looking a young girl on the shoreline down from where I was standing and behind me was a man. The young girl was throwing out a net and catching fish. The women that I had previously told the she was forgiven went up to the young girl and took the net from her and tossed out the net and was catching fish. I was so happy for them. Then the woman gave the young girl the net back and the young girl was tossing out the net and catching more fish. I thought, look she is catching flounder, and some of her fish were sliding back into the water. Where she was standing the water was divided by a sand bar. On the left side it looked like a shoreline with small ripples of water coming up and the water was dark and to the right side it was a deep cove that was glowing and vibrant tourquoise blue and was so clear you could see very deep.
      I said look some of her fish are sliding back into the water which were the flounder. The young girl noticed the one that slipped into the right side and she dove in after it and went deep and caught it…. I was a very large fish. She wrapped her arms around it and began to swim to the top with it and all the sudden the fishes mouth caught the tip of her thumb and all the sudden she was writhing to get free and became lifeless in the water. I said to the man standing behind me, why wont you rescue her?…. and he said to me, Are you asking me to?….. I said, Yes! He immediately jumped in and I jumped in right after him and he pulled her out of the water. When I came back up out of the water I pulled out a bucket of fish and handed it to him. He then grabbed my arms as I tried to pull myself bout of the water grabbing the rocky cliff and as I was reaching for the rock to grab the water running from the tips of my hands was blood but as is ran washed over me I was clean as I was pulled out. As I stood up on the rock I was so upset with God I reached up to the sky and screamed at God crying and saying, Why would you let her get hurt, why? And as I spoke 5 dark shadows jumped into the water. The man was on the rock with me as I felt his prescience and I was peaceful and I looked up to the sky to the right behind me and I saw a highway of cars going away from me and one truck was headed towards me and the side mirrors of the truck headed towards my direction and the others headed away clipped each other and I woke up.

      I think I know what this dreams means but I would like to see if someone other than myself can figure out its meaning.
      I have many dreams but most are on the ocean in a large fishing boat and an old man is usually always the captain. Sometimes its sinking and I try to get out but the captain tries to get my attention and I look to him.

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