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      Good evening. I’d like to say thank you for this platform, I would first like to share my testimony. Last year, I did the 7 day fast and after 4 years of being an unemployed graduate God provided me with a job. I was hired temporarily, and God went before me and made sure I was hired permanently. I’ve been very grateful to God since, and I’ve been honest with my tithing for the first time in my employment history. It is the first financial transaction I make when I see the payment notification. It makes me happy to have come so far with my relationship with God and money.

      Now, my prayer request. My work place is extremely toxic for me and constantly places me in a position of temptation to gossip, badmouth and be angry at my colleagues for the way they treat me. I’ve prayed to God for new and better employment conditions, with better pay because what they currently pay me does not cover my financial needs. I’m currently in debt because of a student loan and my overdraft. I’ve prayed for God to perhaps maybe give me solutions as to how I can get that kind of money so I can pay things off, and I’m living pay check, incurring more debt. I’m destitute and trying my hardest to keep my faith that God will come through for me. Please pray with me. Please pray for me to get a new and better job in my field of expertise that pays well so I can get out of this hole I have dug myself into. Please ask God with me to provide for me financially so I don’t find myself in this kind of solution ever again. Please help me. I’ve even resorted to playing the lottery every time just hoping for a small miracle.

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