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      In the dream I was with my wife holding her by hand, feeling being chased by enemies, who were not visible but following in a massive forest.
      We came to a clearing with a big 100-200 seater marquee-FRAME but WITHOUT THE COVERING, just the metal sides and roof, as I was seeking a place for us to hide.
      I decided to walk into the frame with the wife in tow, then as we got to the centre of the frame, all of a sudden! a Huge Burning Fire with a loud noise came towards the tent frame and began to gradually cover the whole frame with us inside, unharmed, [as in the Book of Daniel]as if it was being pulled over. I was looking around and above, all was a fire-covering and we were safe.
      Thank you

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      Hello Daniel,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      This is an encouragement dream that you are protected despite what is going on or will come your way. Be encouraged. I think of God’s pillar of fire in Exodus as well and yes, He is the 4th man in your fire as per the book of Daniel, your namesake, Hallelujah!


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        Shalom F.E.
        Thank you for the resply, it has opened my eyes, we are going through a tough chase by some of our Brethren for taking a standing, who would have thought it possible!
        May the Lord bless, keep and shine HIS countenance upon you. Shalom

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      Hello Daniel,
      You are welcome and may Yahweh Alone be praised! Thank you for the blessings, they mean a lot to me. I would like to leave yourself and wife with the following:
      1) Zechariah 2:5
      2) Isaiah 43:2
      3) The song, “Fire” by Jordan St. Cyr
      4) The song, “Another in the fire”
      You are covered!

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