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      I had a dream in which son’s father was chasing me. In the dream we were separated but he wants us to get back together. The problem is he is with another woman (same situation in real life). In the dream I saw the lady and I got upset because he kept telling me they are not together. We argued and he got up from the seat we were sitting at. The lady came to me and she started to tell me about their relationship but she couldn’t continue as he was coming back toward us. She took a book and pen I had so she could write to me. My sons dad came back very angry and I started to run from him. In the dream I was being chased for a very long time. At one point he caught up to me and I realized his intention was to kill me. I got away and saw a police vehicle. I tried to get the policy’s attention because I know that if I made a report they will have it on file if anything should happen. The police couldn’t stop and drove past me. When my son’s dad saw what I was doing he some how got the police to stop and was talking to him. He made the report against me. I went to where he was standing with the police and I tried talking but there were no words. My mouth was moving but there was no sound. I woke up immediately and for a few seconds I was trying to speak but there were no words.

      Thank you for your assistance with this dream. This is the second of its kind. The first was related to me by a friend.

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      Hello Shanece,

      Thank you for sharing your dream. It sounds very unsettling and I cannot imagine how you might have felt upon waking up. I saw your dream a few days ago, felt hesitant to touch it, but thought to reach out now. I don’t feel led to interpret the dream, but do want to humbly suggest a few things if you don’t mind and perhaps that might shed light on your dream. I’m not sure of your walk with God, but just wanted to encourage you by stating that the most recent timely word here on MOP,on guarding your heart might be helpful in terms of guarding your mind, heart, and lips. It looks like there might be warfare both spiritual and physically in your life. Please read Psalms 24 (the King of Glory and the MOP word about same on this website). May I also humbly suggest going and pleading your case in the courts of heaven, but the biggest take away is guard your words and don’t be intimidated. Pray for an overflowing of the fruit of the Holy Spirit and be honest in every word/claim that you are involved in. Exodus 23 might minister to you/others.

      I don’t want to be presumptuous as I don’t know the full story. My parting words are please, stand on what God has shown/told you in spite of what you see in the natural. Perhaps you were shown what is happening and might feel helpless, voiceless, and unheard. May Yahweh Shophet (God your Judge) be your advocate as well. He is above all human authority and courts. May He give His perfect peace to all involved in your case and His perfect Will be done, in this situation that you are dealing with, in Jesus’ Almighty Name, I pray, Amen!. May Yahweh be glorified in all of this and everyone in your case (mentioned in your dream) come to know and fear the One and Only, I AM, Amen! (Not sure why the tears just came, and why I felt the need to share that with you)


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