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      I dreamt I was with my brother in our home first, It was weird I was talking to my brother telling him that a new government was going to take over that the police would no longer put order but that it will be another rank…then I told him to pray with me and we started praying the prayer went like this ” God bless us..instead of sadness bless your people with joy instead of fear bless us with courage and as I was praying this I appeared in church and I said the prayer loader and loader and I wasn’t just saying it I was singing it I remember thinking it sounds beautiful….but then after I stopped one of the leaders of church told a young guy that was in the pulpit to say something about Jesus.. but he said it in a disrespectful manner with a gay tone so the leaders told him again ..no say it respectfully and he still didn’t he said that’s the only way I can say it with a smirk ….the guy was gay too…so I got angry and told him Jesus Name deserves respect!! And he demands respect!! I walked out that church because I felt they weren’t respectful enough.. as I walked out I saw the gay guy also walking out but he got on a black horse I could hear the horse roaming all around the church..I ran to tell the people from church I told them what I saw and that it was the horse of the apocalypse but they didn’t listen.

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