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      I have many testimonies. Last year I accompanied a church member to her friend who preaches. As I was there supporting her, support her friend she prophesied that God is pleased with me, I have passed the test and promotion. Well I was very happy.
      I always wanted a home for my son and I and October 2021 God blessed me with a home. 2022 came and I was working at this law firm that I did not like and the people was absolutely horrible to me. So I keep saying God is my source and I will not fear. January hit and i received an email letting me know that I was fired but the blessing was they were giving me two weeks of pay and I haven’t even been at this company for 6 months. After they let me go, I was ok until the 2 weeks came and went, put in tons of applications and no one was looking my way. So we have an Amazon warehouse and I decided to work there to get income until something happens. I was working there for a good 2-3 months when I just could not do it anymore. It was my outside body hurting and then I started getting sick so I left, no job lined up or anything. So I told God, Lord, You have to do something, You have to open the heavens for me because I quit this job and still no one was trying to hire me.
      I talked to my pastor and I prayed for a remote job. I asked for a remote job that helps with tuition so I can go back to school. After I took the assessment I passed it and they set me up with an interview. After the interview they called b=me within 1-2 hours and offered me the job. It is remote, I make more money than I have ever and they assist with tuition costs.
      You can’t tell me God isn’t still a miracle worker!!!

      Now I am waiting on my husband….LOL
      God is still in the blessing business! ALL GLORY TO THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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