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      Jesus overflowing his love and Joy in my life in 2023 and I am loving it! He is too good for words, therefore, I just thank him for his goodness and recovery of lost blessing in my life.
      In December 2022, I graduated and Obtained my American citizenship including my husbands. I encountered two problems or attacked by the devil to not make it come to pass. I missed the deadline to enroll to graduate and was told that I could only attend but not go up the platform. And me knowing the God I serve who owns everything and has the heart of kings in his hand, I surrender those statement to him and went ahead and fill in the application, with the thought that what God has assigned for me will happen, if I am to walk up that platform, I will walk up that platform, if I am no to walk up the platform, then i wont walk up the platform.
      The second attack was that the date for my graduation was the same date as my husbands citizenship appointment. His appointment was at 8:20 and my graduation was at 10:30am. But on the day of my appointment, the Lord gave me the song by Paul Wilbur( Lord God of Abraham)”For the Lord, he is God and today will he will show that he is God! Low and behold he did show himself to be God. We arrived on time for my husbands appointment and God gave speed to his meet with the number (727) and while in the car he assured me to be still and not worry. My husband came out of the office around 10am and we drove down and made it on time for my graduation.
      Now, I was told earlier that due to my late application I might not walk up the platform, because the names of student were already emailed to the Dean, therefore there is no guaranteed. But my FATHER changed the plan; “he changes times and season”, instead, I was given a card to write my name and give to the announce before walking up the platform. You should see me, beaming from cheek to cheek going up the platform and my name was the last to call( to show the devil and all his agent that his plan failed again). My people, God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good.
      Now for my citizenship, my appointment date got cancelled and changed to another date,
      I was shocked and baffled but God was showing me in dreams the attack of the devil in reference to my citizenship. My mind was attack so I could not focus and concentrate to study the civics questions (familiar spirits). But when this happened, the Lord led me to go online and search for ways to study for American citizenship and this wonderful woman came who would go through all the questions and give simple answer. Then I knew why God allowed that to happen because, my husband and I were not well prepared and if we had went, we would not have made it. This door lead us to practice everyday and we passed and got our citizenship and this was around Christmas when the prophetic word of Joy was given. For what the enemy meant for evil, God turned for our good.
      Praise to Adonai, the one and only true God who shines his light on both the good and evil, believers and non believers. My God is not partial, he did for me this including my husband who is an atheist despite his unbelief. Therefore, Nobody will sell me or give me anything in this world that would come close to the love of Jesus for his children. Just give me Jesus, you can have all this world, but just give me Jesus. I get know him, his his saving power, might, love, patient, faithfulness, mercy, tolerance and more about Jesus. I have not encounter his presence yet, but with what I am encountering outside his presence, his presence will be mind blowing and I await for that day to be soon.
      Good bless you all my sisters and brothers. Just trust him, wait, be patient, keep seeking, keep praying and believe, he will guide you and show you the way out and give you answers.
      For those who are married to unbelievers spouse, pray and ask for them as you ask for yourselves, ignore their comment and behaviors. Just focus on his word and his promises. And remember you are married to them, you are now one flesh. Whatever happens to them will happen to you, so include them in you communion, and prayers. He answer our prayers and he cares. God bless you.

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      Beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing 🙂


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      Amen! Glory be to God!

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