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    I had a dream that I was standing in front of an Angel by a big gate. It (I couldn’t distinguish if it was male or female), was holding a large white, what looked like a greeting card. It was plain on the outside but inside the card were beautiful signatures all over in a language I couldn’t read. I looked at the Angel and asked, “I’m going to have to learn this aren’t I”? The Angel looked at me as if to say “Yes”. The angel never said a word to me.
    What does this dream mean? Thank you in advance!

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    Hello, I’m not a professional or anything, but I’ve interpreted a few dreams before. I think this is in regard to heaven. Since the Jews are God’s chosen people, it would stand to reason, that once we’re all in the presence of God, in a new world with Him, that we will once again be unified under one language. I think that language will be Hebrew. The angel didn’t confirm anything, maybe because it’s not his place, or you’d get the gist from the look.

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