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      I’m single at my 60s n now living in a rental room, while the house which I’m a joint owner is resided by my 89-year-old ailing widow mom and a mentally ill brother. I would want to stay in that house, but my brother is quite disruptive because of his illness, and taking care of my mother while living with her means no boundary for me. My mom doesn’t like the idea of my brother moving out alone, she feels better that he’s near her. She also feel that the house is hers, n doesn’t want to move to a smaller but safer place without stairs to climb as she’s lived in this house for close to 30 years. So, ended up I’ve to move. I’ve to take care of her as she has advanced dementia n kidney disease, so I ended up having to go back and forth between my two “homes”, paying rent for my room, while also paying my share of the house which I’m also an owner. I could only work part-time because of having to give care to mom. Apart from financial burden, I feel so stressed being a caregiver to both mother n brother … also worrying always as to what to do with my brother when one day my mom pass away. I pray that my God who owns cattle on a thousand hills would just give me an affordable n more permanent living space and also my life wouldn’t be just wrapping around giving care to mother and brother. I don’t want anything bad happen to them, but I really feel I can’t go on like this anymore, and feeling so lonely n helpless sometimes. I have other siblings but they’re living in other countries n can’t help much. I pray God will have mercy on us! Thanks!

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