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      was in an airplane and Tracy was supposed to catch me when I jumped out. I was getting dropped at a very specific spot (her house) and it was her idea to do this but because I couldn’t see and it was really dark outside as I flew out the wind blew me away from where I needed to land away from the path, into this cloudy area, way higher and stronger, cold wind was pulling me up and out and I knew it was really bad, as I could of kept going further and further away into the unknown, I heard (May have been myself or Holy Spirit) say to me “just breathe deep and tuck your head, and it was my position that brought me of the far away, high air pressure, cloudy space that seemed to be sucking me in Then I came back in but landed hard on foreign land and got picked up by this Asian lady. She immediately asked who I was and what I was doing and brought me in where this big bald guy grabbed me. He immediately told me “you’re going to prison” He began to pull my arms behind my back and handcuffed me but I knew I couldn’t go into prison. It was hard for me to speak what happened and why I landed there because I was in shock, fear, and out of breath. I told him I was dropped, and I was supposed to be caught by Tracy but as soon as I jumped out it was a timing thing that was happening and I was thrown the opposite direction..(factors were timing, it was night, dark and I really couldn’t see, the transport i was in was going to too fast to land too, so easily got pulled up and out in the sky) and I was on the phone with Tracy right before I got dropped. So I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and began dialing her. I called over and over until finally she answered. She answered and told him that’s what happened and I wasn’t supposed to land there and he let me go. He brought me over to other officers and said “some stories are actually true, like this one” I also realized the prison guards might be good people and even recognized one as my old revival group pastor (young kim). I got let go and somehow got to tracys. She was glad I made it to her but she left right away. Emily was there and offered me sparkling water (la croix) and it was a light blue mixed type. I knew that Tracy had a funny shirt or something she had wanted me to wear on that day, as I heard her and Emily dialoguing throughout the dream about it, but after this happened she didn’t bring it up to me. Also in the dream tracy wasn’t as upset as I thought she would be.

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