A very specific dream about swimming (also: Olympics, and the Chinese)

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      In the dream, someone was fast-forwarding through the Olympics. I don’t know why. I can’t remember if I suggested it, but I at least felt like stopping and watching one portion. We all agreed to do so, and so the fast-forwarding stopped.

      It was a portion on swimming. It was the Southern Breast Stroke (I don’t think that’s a real style), an odd style where the swimmer nearly curls up entirely between strokes, with their butt sticking out of the water; a swimmer tended to go very far with each stroke.

      A comment was made about how it was very painful to the Chinese, physically speaking.

      As it happens in dreams, the dream shifted without me really noticing. Now I was in an indoor swimming pool intended for swimming laps.

      I swam over to the the lap lanes (cordoned off by those lines of hard plastic floats). A woman began teaching me to swim (I think it was supposed to be the Southern Breast Stroke; I can’t quite remember). All the while, another man was present, but we never interacted and I never saw his face (this has been a running theme in my dreams, recently; another man is present, but he’s never a focus of the dreams beyond being present). I had flippers on my feet (the typical rubber kind) as I swam. They didn’t fit super well, but they stayed on my feet. I swam to the other end of the lane. At some point, I realized the flippers were no longer on my feet, but I still swam just as well. I swam the whole length of the lane underwater, undulating kinda like a dolphin (or worm), not using my arms/hands at all. I went very fast, far faster than a human should be able to do, especially without flippers.

      When I got to the end of the lane and she (the woman teaching me) realized I’d left my flippers on the other side, she was somewhat disgruntled. Yet she gave me new flippers. These were very nice! They were also in two parts: a “shoe” part that encases the foot, and then the flipper part that the “shoe” part latches into very firmly. The “shoe” part was lined on the inside with fur, so it was very comfortable and fit beautifully. With these, I swam the length of the lane with only one stroke after pushing off.

      Again, the Southern Breast Stroke was an odd style, when you bunch up with your butt in the air out of the water, and then extended. I don’t think you use your arms at all, but only ever use your full body, rolling the energy through your muscles down through your legs and the flippers at the end of your feet.

      “Southern” in Southern Breast Stroke meant “southern USA”. I don’t know why.

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