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      I dreamed I was with Mom and Dad in a house, and I was watching a TV show/movie with a couple in an Asian or foreign looking pavilion/house. They’d been drinking wine and enjoying each other’s company. Both were wearing robes and drinking some wine. They were white in ethnicity. And the man suddenly wanted to kiss/sleep with the woman. (I’m not sure if they were married) But she stood up and said, “No. Never. I would die first.” At this point, they were Asian, dressed almost like Asian warriors. And the woman turned her back on the man. And so he drew out a long slender knife and calmly stabbed her in the back, while she calmly stood there. And I thought of looking away, but thought, “Well, this is TV…surely this is a special effect.” But then I saw it wasn’t, because blood began to pour out of her.

      I turned, shocked and very upset, and ran out of the house onto a grassy hill. (It was night time) and I remember tearing the grass and throwing it in the air in distress. And Mom, who’d been nearby in the house said as I had run out: “Well, there’s my daughter.” Meaning she wasn’t surprised to see me do this (my typical reaction to death and grisly things). When I came back in, I sat down at the TV again and an interview was going on. It felt like an old show, like the same era as the twilight zone. And I watched for a while, but I was restless and distressed, and the rest of the family had already left the room, and so I finally turned it off and said, “I have to get away from this TV.”

      So, I went into the other room to rejoin the family and to rest/sleep. (Earlier, I knew I’d been sleeping in an upstairs bedroom with my husband Jared). Now, Mom and my sister Amber and Amber’s messianic friends were sleeping on stairs. The room they were in had a full length wall of wooden stairs (goin up to some windows just under the ceiling), and they’d all been sleeping on the stairs–and had their beds made up there. I went to join them, and I remember asking if there was a way to lock the front door in order to protect against future stabbings (because somehow the first TV show had become real life). And a woman said, “No, the lock’s not working. We’ll just have to sleep in pairs.” (Implying it was for protection). Then I saw the stairs everyone was sleeping on weren’t deep enough to lay down on your back comfortably. You had to be on your side. And I said, “I don’t know how you all are sleeping on these.” Amber gave some kind of explanation like it was no big deal.

      Then, I looked and saw, right beside me, the step had shrunk back to almost nothing. But it deepened out as it ran across the wall to the original depth. And, I was like, “Oh, I see what you mean. It get’s deeper over there.” (Although the “deeper” was really just the original depth.) We’d been eating pita chips for a while at this point. And I kept munching and munching as we’d been talking and finally I said, “I’ve gotta stop eating these chips/all this bread!” Because I knew it wasn’t good for me, since I’m gluten free.

      Then, one of Amber’s messianic friends came over and said she was going to go out and get some food from some kind of market. And Amber said, “Yeah, God gave a word about tactical food supply and said you would be blessed for it, Janice, but not everyone will be.” I knew she meant I would be blessed because Jared and I had stored up prepping food earlier that year. Still, I was puzzled. I said, “Why won’t everybody be blessed?” Amber said, “Because God give invitations to certain things, but not everyone responds. The people who respond are blessed.” And I was like, “Oh. That makes sense…”

      Then Jim Davis (the missions coordinator from Asbury church) came over to me. I saw everyone else in the room had left, and now it was just Amber and I and Jim and his wife, who were leading us like it was a boyscouting trip. And as Amber and I were deciding where to sleep, Jim said, “You can’t stay here. At least, not just one of you.” And I realized he was concerned about propriety because now it was just him and his wife, and he didn’t want just one of us alone in the room with them. And I said I understood. He nodded and then added, “And we’re obviously going to have to rethink how we handle wine on these trips.” And instantly, I realized he was talking about the incident on the TV with the couple and the stabbing. And Jim’s eyes were glazed over. (Almost with a white film like a blind person, but he could still see–they were just “glazed” over from introspection). And I could tell he’d been traumatized by the stabbing and needed inner healing.

      Then, I woke up.

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