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      Hi, I had a dream last night that i lost a tooth which had a long root. It was like i had a string hanging and i started to pull it off. It didnt come loose but my tooth came loose after a few minutes. It had such a long root and i didn’t see any blood. I wasn’t in pain or anything. Then the next day i came to work and told by Boss that my tooth came loose and showed him. I also asked if i could go to the hospital. I don’t know why i needed to show him or even come to work. I am in the middle of making a decision on my career and don’t know know if this is something linked to it.

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      You have been at your job a long time (long root), and out of fondness, loyalty or respect took your serious interest yo leave to the boss. The fact the extraction was painless says there are no hard feelings in leaving.

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