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      had a dream a lot last year and this year.. last night I been dreaming about food and some one sold me some natural juices at my job with fruits.. it was healthy snack.. I told the person I don’t drink juice anymore and they said it’s natural juice..

      I had another dream that that I was telling my ex best friend someone bewitch me.. she said who?? We was at a place but I felt like these guy had a problem with me so I end up leaving.. I was afraid, so I called her to come out and I was in the car. I saw other minister in my church leave the same place.. I got in the car she came out and I she forgot my pocketbook and the bag of clothes I had. I told her Togo back and get before someone takes it..

      Third dream.. I dream a lot last night.
      I had a dream that my sister was pregnant and her stomach was big. Then when I look at her stomach again it was flat I ask her where is the baby she said she lost it..

      Can you tell me what all these dreams mean please

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