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      Mayra Ramirez

      I was trying to tell my daughter, Thais that I thought I had a baby, but didn’t remember having the baby. She looked at me like I was crazy and said, how can you not remember that you had a baby. I didn’t remember being pregnant and I’m sure she didn’t see me pregnant either. I was trying to explain to her that I didn’t know how the baby was taken from me, but that I thought I was drugged or something like that – not in the right state of mind, but my daughter didn’t believe me. I was left alone to wrestle with that. The whole situation was confusing to me. Foggy. It was like I was in a cloud of fogginess in my mind or my head. I was trying to focus and remember what had happened, but couldn’t. I was frustrated.

      The scene changed and I was in a place that seemed like a church or retreat setting. I was with many people. There were little girls, silly little girls. I was also an older little girl and we all decided to sit and pray. Most of the little girls took turns to pray and they prayed short silly prayers. While waiting for my turn I was thinking about what to pray for. When it was almost my turn, the little girls dispersed and left. I was disappointed and left and went into another room, like a kitchen. 

      My nephew Joey, his girlfriend or the mother of his child, along with other people were about to prepare vegetables which they had just picked from the Chelsea’s Farmers market in NY. I looked at all the vegetables, admiring them. There was one fresh flower next to them. The vegetables & the flower were so beautiful, fresh and crisp. Behind the people preparing the vegetables, was a bunch of the same flower. They were unusual, simple, fresh, white & pink flowers. I didn’t ask what they were going to make with the vegetables, but I was hoping they would prepare and offer something delicious to eat. I was hungry & I couldn’t eat what everyone else was eating. It was not appealing to me and I don’t eat foods that contain gluten and am mostly vegetarian. Everything the group was eating had gluten and not the healthiest choices – mainly sweets. They looked at me and said, we’re making vegetable soup. Would you like some? I graciously said yes & thanked them.  I was very happy.

      I later noticed that Joey’s wife was his mother Sonia. She was no longer in the room where I had seen her. I asked where she was, but no one seemed to want to tell me and avoided answering me. I could tell they were keeping something from me. After a while she came back and suddenly, I knew where she came from. She’d gone to see her baby, they had kept it a secret from me. I asked them why they would not tell me they had a baby & Why were they afraid to tell me? It seemed they had kept it from me for a long time. I couldn’t get an answer.

      I later was in a house and it was raining a lot. It appeared that I had a dog that went out in the rain. I went out to check on him. My son Nicklaus appeared outside and was walking with me to help me find the dog. He went around the property looking for the dog in the rain. There were small covered areas with attached ceilings to the house, which I quickly ran from one to the next avoiding getting wet. I did that a couple of times. The house seemed familiar to me and believed it to be my mother’s sister, aunt Lucia’s house. She and her husband weren’t at home at the time. While at their house, I realized she knew about my baby and seemed to be keeping it a secret from me as well. I felt she and her husband were out with the baby since I wasn’t supposed to know that it was mine and I was at their house. Later, she appeared. I don’t know how I knew, but I saw a picture – in my mind, that she had or was keeping, or caring for my baby and my nephew’s baby. I saw 2 babies in my mind.

      In a different setting I was out and saw an adult woman and her mother walking. The woman had a dog on a leash, walking the dog and talking. The woman pulled the dog harshly. She appeared to be limping from pain in one foot. When the mother saw that she was pulling the dog harshly, for the dog seemed somewhat afraid of her or didn’t want to walk, the mother went to the dog and hugged the dog with her whole body to protect it from the woman. She also removed the leash. The daughter didn’t understand why she did that and they were talking about it. I could see the mother was a very gentle person. I saw them leave and go into a car. The daughter got in the car and sat looking like she was hurting. I then saw that her foot was pink & swollen and her mother was gently nursing it.

      Sorry for the lengthy dream. I had this dream right after the week of fasting with MOP. Thank you.

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