Bibles for the Congolese Refugees

UPDATE – March 31, 2022

Here are the photos and a couple videos they made for us.  Want to say THANK YOU once again to all of you who donated to this project.

These are the teachers



UPDATE – March 18, 2022

The shipment cleared customs today and they should have the bibles in hand next week.  We’ll keep you updated.


UPDATE – March 9, 2022

We were able to get all the money needed to purchase the initial 72 bibles needed for this project. The bibles have been ordered and they have been shipped.  We will keep you updated once they arrive.

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity towards these refugees.



This is the camp of the Congolese refugees, who live in Tanzania in Nyarugusu Camp Kasulu Kigoma Region.


















The Bible School

There are more than 100 churches on the camp and over 100,000 refugees.  There are many in the camp that want to go deeper in the word of God, so they started a bible college to train and equip the people.  They are also equipping themselves to return to their home in Democratic Republic of Congo.



















They do not have enough bibles and are in need of 72, for now.  Each bible costs $23 with shipping and the total cost is $1,656.  If you feel led, to make a donation for a bible or perhaps for the entire amount please indicate that the donation is for the Congolese bible project when you make it.

We’ll keep you updated on this.  Click here to make a donation