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  • This prophetic word is a little different.  During our 7 days of fasting and prayer we offered dream interpretations to everyone who participated in the fast.   Well, one dream that came to us was clearly a pr […]

    • MOP replied 1 week ago

      We already answered the question Shay….When you are eating in your dreams you are in agreement, communion, covenant with the person you are eating with.

  • MOP replied to the topic My cat Kitty in the forum Answered Prayers 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Amen! We praise God for answering your prayers.

  • This prophetic word is for a specific group of people.  Those who have been experiencing a delay in their promises from God, confusion or lack of understanding of what to do next or just a trickle of blessings […]

    • This is for you. What I meant was even if you don’t live in the US, this government lockdown is still a sign for you. So, this is for you.

  • This is the prophetic word for January 2019. The word that I am receiving for this season is recalibrate.

    This is something that I believe we all need to do on a consistent basis in our walk with the […]

  • We’re sorry the fast has ended.  If you would like to be included in future fasts, please subscribe to our mailing list below for notification.

    Here’s how this will work.

    A few days before t […]

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      You subscribe to the mailing list which is at the bottom of the post and then you’ll be included. Blessings.

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Hi Sanda,

      Just Google it online and you’ll find places that sell it. You can purchase it on Amazon as well. Or you can just pour it from olive oil you have at home into a separate bottle which will only be used for these purposes. Then you’ll need to pray over it and have it blessed for this use.

    • Hi Emmanuel, Communion is not only for Catholics it is for all Christians and based on Matthew 26:26-28. This would be simple bread and wine, or bread and juice, or crackers and juice. Whatever you have that you can use to represent this.

    • HI Lauren, the email was sent on January 3rd. Check your junk mail/spam folder. Thanks!

    • ida replied 1 month ago

      Thanks so much for all the prayers and fast. It was a blessing for me.
      Continue to let God use you and to help others.

    • MOP replied 4 weeks ago

      Hi Stephen, it is actually the same thing. You can just join in on the respective day because you already have the information. We actually had a lot of people who got breakthrough in week 1 and continued through to week 2 and saw even breakthrough in other areas. Blessings.

  • MOP replied to the topic Deliverance in the forum Prayer Requests 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Niruban,

    It could be just the pregnancy. Praying for you both. Pay more attention to her. Stay close and find out from her if there is anything you can physically do to make her life easier.

    Sometimes it is just these little things that make all the difference in the world.

    God bless you and congratulations to your and your family on your…[Read more]

  • Hi Julian,

    Everything you have asked for is Jesus’ hearts desire for your family. I’m standing with you in faith that one by one you will see them come to pass. Pray and fast. One at a time you will see them delivered, in Jesus name.

    Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth the Lord.

    Praise God!

  • MOP replied to the topic My SON in the forum Prayer Requests 2 months, 2 weeks ago


    Praying for your son’s salvation. That God will use prison ministry to meet him there. That he will see the transforming power of Jesus in the prison. That his purpose and destiny will be revealed to him in prison.

  • Praying for you Kaelyn and your family. I pray the Lord will grant you wisdom in all your decision making regarding your daughter. That He will make you the mother you need to be to walk Kaelyn into the purpose and destiny He has for her, in Jesus name, Amen.

  • Hi Alanda,

    Yes, we need these Christian TV stations. Definitely praying that God will continue to bless TBN financially to be able to continue broadcasting Christian programming. Also, that the Lord will provide wisdom and guidance for them in their program selection and choices. That the Lord will guide their minds against deceptive spirits…[Read more]

  • Hi Audrey, you don’t need the universe to be kind to him. You need him to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and then he will have the favor of God upon his life which will change everything for him.

    He is a miracle working God. Praying for both of you.

    Here’s something that will help him get started with…[Read more]

  • Hi Lakeysia and Rea,

    The first thing I would ask you to do is pray for these people. You need to walk in forgiveness. I know this is hard to do but you must ask God for the grace to forgive. It is only then you will find He will step in with justice. Remember when He brings justice it is on the righteous and the wicked so you have to make…[Read more]

  • Praying for you and your family and your sons Mary.

    Here are the scriptures the Lord gave me for you.

    Genesis 17:7
    Hosea 2:19

  • In agreement with your prayer, in Jesus name. On the word of two or more witnesses and thing is established.

    We call it established

  • MOP replied to the topic Housing in the forum Prayer Requests 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hi Ann Marie,

    What city are you living in? Praying for you and your son.

    God bless you both

    Joel 2:24-26 New King James Version (NKJV)

    The threshing floors shall be full of wheat,
    And the vats shall overflow with new wine and oil.

    “So I will restore to you the years that the swarming [a]locust has eaten,
    The crawling locust,
    The consuming l…[Read more]

  • Hi Cassandra,

    You need to pray that prayer for familiar spirits and also the one on employment. I will put both below.

    Praying for your employment soon and for the Lord’s supernatural provision and favor until the job…[Read more]

  • Hi Lesley Ann, where do you live? Praying for you and your children. God will make a way. You need to be in deep prayer every day and ask the Lord to open your ears so you can hear His voice. He will make a way out for you.

  • Hi Mary,

    I will tell you to do one thing. Focus on the Lord. You need to make Him your center. Take your eyes off your husband and your marriage and focus on the Lord. Focus on having a deeper relationship with Him. From this you will find peace and when you put all in His hands He will fix it.

    Here’s where you can start this…[Read more]

  • MOP replied to the topic Family in the forum Prayer Requests 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Stalin, praying for your brother Solomon. Does he know the Lord? There are many resources on our website for spiritual warfare. I want to share a few with you here. They are under prayer for protection.

  • Praying for you Antoni, Kim, Janis & Judith that God will grant you your hearts desire of having a child. Submit all your desires to the Lord and He will surely fulfill them. If you have not yet read our prayer for having a baby, you can find it here


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