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  • MOP replied to the topic Provision in the forum Answered Prayers 1 week, 5 days ago

    Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear it. God is good!


  • Hi Ravin,

    Wow! That is some testimony. Your sister brought up a good point. It made no sense why they would take the phone home especially when they saw you looking around outside. That should’ve indicated to them that you lost something which should’ve prompted them to ask if you the question.

    You know, when we pray in tongues we are…[Read more]

  • This prophetic word is titled Getting Through the Tunnel.  In the prophetic word for 2022, I gave you the picture of us going through a very dark tunnel and the goal is for us to get to the end of the tunnel by […]

  • This prophetic word is titled Unite with Me.

    Who is this word for?  4 specific groups of people.  Read all the scripture references please.

    (1) People who are in intense warfare, demonized.  Trying to br […]

    • Guess. What color would you imagine would be universally accepted as the color of Love? After you get the color in mind what shade of that color would drive home the point? That’s the color 🙂

  • We are in the Hebrew month of Kislev which runs November 5 – December 5.  I feel this is a November and December word.

    Who is this word for?  Everyone. This prophetic word comes in three parts.  Each part is on […]

    • MOP replied 3 weeks ago

      C, it sure was loooooong! LOL But, well worth the read. Thank you for sharing that. You dropped some gold nuggets in here like this one
      >>>>Jesus should be the point. The giftings will come from Him, from following Him, dwelling with Him, reading His word. The point is the Love of Christ, not the giftings. The giftings are a result of a pursuit of Him, they are not the end result.<<<<<
      I think we have to always remember Matthew 7:22-23. Some of the most gifted won't make it to heaven. We have to keep the main thing the main thing. Love you. Blessings

  • My goodness! God Bless You! Yes and Amen. His word is True. I pray your project will go far and bless everyone who is suppose to see it. May God send out angels to the east, west, north and south calling in all who are intended to participate and buy what you are producing. May it be used to glorify God and bring to you into your season of…[Read more]

  • This prophetic word is titled Wet Paint.

    Who is this word for?  People who know exactly what God has promised them.  You are literally looking at it and you’ve have been waiting for awhile now to actually t […]

  • This prophetic word is titled Launch.

    Who is this word for?  People that are in their birthing process right now.  Specifically if you are a perfectionist or you operate with a spirit of excellence.

    This i […]

    • Yes! You have such a unique style too that I can’t wait to see them. Therefore, I am going to bug you every month about this! LOL Love you!

    • Hi Kellee, did you ask the Lord if those songs were only for you or are they to be shared? That’s where you need to start. Blessings

    • MOP replied 1 month ago

      Yes Dee! Thank you so much for sharing that scripture. Blessings

  • MOP replied to the topic Finace in the forum Prayer Requests 1 month, 1 week ago

    Pray and ask God to open a door for you to find a NEW place. Move. Don’t worry about the money or where right now you need ask the Lord for a new place.

    Praying for you favor, grace, strength, provision, open doors.

  • This Prophetic Word for November 2021.  I’m calling this one Here we go again!  Why?  It’s a cycle!

    Who is this word for?  Anyone that believes they are right at the doorway of their promises being ful […]

    • Hi Tara,

      Yes, you just need to use the weapons in the “Your weapons have not changed” post and you can tell these people that you have decided to follow Jesus and this is not of the Lord. A lot of the people who go to these businesses are also Christians who refuse to wait on the Lord and as looking for someone to give them an answer now. I think you telling them this will jolt them and bring conviction causing them to turn back to Christ themselves. Jesus is going to build such a beautiful testimony of transformation through you. Praying for you. Blessings

    • Praying for you Elizabeth for wisdom and discernment. Only God can tell you if this is genuine and you should reconnect or not. You have the weapons, use them and I am sure that pain will leave you. Waiting for your testimony. Blessings

  • Yes! Jesus!!! Praise the Lord!! God is truly a good God and He alone is faithful. Thank you for sharing.

  • This prophetic word is titled Forfeiting your destiny.  This is part 2 and here is part 1 which you’ll need to read before you read this one.

    Be warned, this one is long.  I really didn’t want to do a part 3 s […]

    • Don’t be so quick to say that. Pray about it and ask God to reveal that to you clearly. You may have made a mistake at one stop along the way, just ask Him how you can pick back up. Praying for you. Blessings

    • Amen! So happy that you have found your calling and your destiny. I believe He is going to unfold so much more to you as you go along in obedience. You are where you should be and I’m sure you can see that now. Perhaps you can share these posts with your husband? Pray and see what the Lord says. Blessings

  • This prophetic word is titled Congratulations!  You’re the 2nd choice.  Meaning you were not the first choice and you are now inheriting someone else’s destiny/mandate.

    I had so much fun writing this!  Pe […]

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Grace, don’t worry about it. You can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. That would be witchcraft. Trust God to send the replacement and He will do it. Blessings

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Margie, I knew this post was going to create a lot of questions for people about what happened to the first choice people and I’m going to address that next week. Blessings

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Hi Dennis,

      Welcome! I would have to say that you are right where you need to be. Joseph and Daniel are both marketplace people called to stand in a difficult environment. For Joseph his purpose/destiny was to be in place in a time of famine. You can have a famine of many things and in your case I believe it is a famine of truth. I believe that’s why you have the profession that you do. Daniel was also an adviser and flowed in dreams and vision interpretation. I would advise you to find as many books, videos you can to learn how to interpret your dreams because within them are the instructions for your next steps. Solomon, that is the financial part that is coming into your life. And, of course John is love. It appears you have a hybrid mantle. Many people have those. They just don’t realize it. Most people believe they can only have one and that’s not true. You can have one that is the dominant mantle while still operating under other anointings and giftings. Stay where you are until God gives you instructions to leave. The biggest thing for you to do right now is learn how to interpret your dreams. That is the key that will unlock everything. You haven’t missed anything you are where you need to be. Blessings

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Hi FE, I believe they are both you & you are birthing those scriptures. (Deut. 8:18, green blanket, LOL) I Hope that makes sense. We’re all in the uncomfortable place of the delivery where we’re just tired, worn out, want it to be over, but it’s not done yet. Almost there. Blessings.

    • I believe He gave you this because you were missing the fact that the first two women were you. He was being direct so that you wouldn’t miss it. This is great!

    • FE, Deut 8:18 is the “power to get wealth”. Money = green. You have a green blanket. You’re birthing a financial blessing/miracle. Don’t overthink it! 🙂 Ephesians 6:18 “Praying in the Spirit” this is another thing you’ve been waiting on and that is coming too. These are both excellent.

    • Hi Matthew, yes, it is fore ordained. And the calling does make you ready to fulfill the purpose/destiny. But you can choose not to do your purpose/destiny. That is the point. It is a choice. God is not forcing us to do anything. Hope that clarifies it.
      As for the “spiritual mother” Hmmmm, I understand that your intent is good (and I appreciate that) but I’m not sure I even believe in that concept. I think God is our spiritual Father and we should always be careful not to replace Him with anyone. Just my personal belief on the concept of spiritual mothers and fathers. Blessings

    • Hi Tiffani,

      What do you think it means?

    • Hi Tiffani, yes I would say that as well. What I would do if I were you is study Joshua, not just the book but the person. I believe he was first introduced in Exodus 17. I notice that you are applying it all to you individually but I don’t want you to miss the fact that Joshua was a leader. So I believe this is what God is calling you into. Hope this helps. Blessings

    • You missed the whole point. Everybody is a first choice for something. This word is about the 2nd choice. It’s that simple. Read part 2, that is about the first choice.

  • This prophetic word is titled the Center Pillar of the New Church.  This prophetic word is connected to the 5782/2022 word where I mentioned the center pillar.

    The Center Pillar is Love.  The Lord told me t […]

    • What a powerful testimony you have! Thank you so much for sharing. This is only the beginning for you as you continue to ask Him and be filled by Him daily you are going to realize how much more you can do that you couldn’t before. Blessings

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Hi Matthew, I believe all of us have failed in this area. It takes awhile to really understand it but at the end of the day it all comes down to just responding to others with the actions God has given us in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. And then we see it really is not hard to understand it’s just a matter of doing it. Blessings

  • MOP replied to the topic Open doors in the forum Answered Prayers 2 months, 1 week ago

    That is an amazing testimony Kat! God is faithful and He accomplished all of this for you. Praying for your marriage as well. Be patient.


  • Come on Jesus!!! That is something to praise about!! Congratulations and praising God right along with you for His faithfulness and ability to see you through. Now, praying God shows you exactly what He wants you to do with that degree.


  • This prophetic word, Grace for the New Thing, has been ringing in my spirit for the past week.  I feel that once we stepped into 5782 we really stepped into something completely new.

    It is great to celebrate […]

    • This email was so timely, it came just when I honestly needed to hear even in chaos keep your calm and peace God will see me through. I have a new job that is overwhelmingly challenging. At first all I thought was to quit but jobs are scarce and as I prayed, it got easier to carry on. But I am not happy but knowing the new might bring challenges and all I have to do is be still. Thank you

  • MOP replied to the topic Prosperity in the forum Answered Prayers 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Praise the Lord!!! Supernatural provision! I pray it happens more and more for you and others as well.

  • Praise the Lord!

  • This is a prophetic word for the month of September and for the rest of 2021 as well.

    This word is based on a friend’s dream.  It had so many components of things the Lord has shown me as well so I feel that […]

    • Hi Annelie,
      As stated in the interpretation above an engagement ring is a promise for a future covenant that is to be fulfilled.

    • I don’t think He was moving in the opposite direction my understanding is He was on the outside of the train checking off everything on a clipboard before everyone boards the train. It’s like a conductor making the final checks. He knows exactly who is getting on that train – good and bad. It is all going according to plan for His glory.

    • Yes! and Amen! Very true and solid words. The famine (of the Word) is real and I will be posting on that as well. But I love how you said it is being traded for deception. Powerful! Blessings

    • Oh Wendy, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter. I speak the peace of God to your heart and mind. Peace, peace and more peace. Supernatural peace abound over, in and through you in Jesus name. Ask Him for that grace everyday. You will need it for this. And, do not lose hope. This doesn’t mean that there are not more “wonderfully life changing” things about to happen. And, I know it won’t be the same but there is more to come. I pray for a strengthening to your inner man. Stay connected to the Vine. Blessings

    • F. E.,
      You don’t need my help here!!! LOL You have it covered. The only thing missing is that while the Anestiologist/intern was eyeing your rings (jewelry which are also treasure/something of value) you had the wisdom to know what should be given away and what should not be given. Because not everything God gives us is to be shared with others. Some things are just for you. You need to use wisdom to know what you share with others working along side you in ministry/business. Why? You said it, frogs. We are always working in the midst of frogs. But, when the Light comes we can see everything clearly. We have to wait for Lucia to show up. Blessings

    • MOP replied 2 months ago

      Oh Keetyn, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers are with you and your husband to be comforted by the Lord. That child is safe with Jesus and I pray He will give you another baby. Blessings

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