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      Father God I pray to you and anyone who would like to pray with me. I need your help. My marriage of 25 years is being terrorized by this women Lupe. She worked with my husband and has moved out of the area. But is always calling my husband and inviting him to go to parties. My husband says nothing is going on. This awful women has even called and texted me telling me she wants him and I am not good enough for him. She is sent by the devil and I asked in Jesus name you remove her from our lives and let her find a life with out bugging my marriage and my husband. Please Lord give us favor IJNIP.

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      Praying for you Deb. Bind the adulterous spirit, the spirit of Jezebel and pray that the Lord will put a hedge of thorns around yoru husband. Pray that God will open your husband’s eyes in the realm of the spirit so that he will see what this woman looks like in the spirit realm. Once he sees who he’s aligned with he will stay away from her.

      Don’t abbreviate the Lord’s name, in Jesus name we pray!

Viewing 1 reply thread
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