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      Please pray for my marriage, my sister in law is coming to stay with us, I don’t know for how long and later she and my husband are going to travel to our original country and stay for awhile, they planned all this I didn’t know about,
      She called herself a christian, but she is very competitive for my husband attention, she is controlling, and manipulativeshe likes to make me look bad.

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      Praying for you Mercedes. Put on the armor of God. Try not to say too much just pray to the Lord that the eyes of your husband will be opened. All of this will end very quickly if God shows this to your husband instead of you telling him. Pray and say very little. Watch your words and put on the armor. Pray for exposure.

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        Thank you for praying for me, and your advice. Out of the blue she couldn’t come,but still trying, .. As for me I am doing what you suggested . praying praying
        God bless you

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      Hello I have the same problem,she wants to come here and then fly with my husband to our country of origin. She is using his health as an excuse telling him that here are not good doctors over there are better, that he can stay 2 weeks with her there. I am trying to stay calm what is he thinking we don’t have money for him to go and stay that long without him working plus his expenses there and our bills here … Lord help me please

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