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      Ebenezer Baiden- Amissah

      Dear Ministers of God,

      I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year 2018 on behalf of myself and on behalf of my fiancee’ Dorothy Ekuban.

      Thank you for your pieces of advice, support — financial and material– and for your prayers for which God keeps on transforming my life.

      Truly the Lord has been good to me since He spoke to me that ” Go unto your mountains of prosperity and success” after lots of ministers laid their hands on me in a dream in the year 2005.

      Request For Prayers Regarding Evangelism And Financial Provision

      My Initial Evangelism Steps.

      Since I completed the University of Ghana(UG) in 2016 my plans have been to allow God to use me to set up a campus ministry for the Apostolic Faith Church ( for the national church). For this reason I have had to visit UG campus on Sundays on a number of occasions trying to study how best this could possibly be.

      Whilst on campus I had to worship with the VISA UG (Victory Bible Church International Campus and Associates Ministry) which like all the other Christian clubs was under the umbrella of the University Christian Fellowship(UCF) the mother of all Christian societies on the university’s campus.

      I eventually had to work hand in hand with the 2017 Campus President of the UCF to seek to invite the Leader for the West and Central Africa District Headquarters of the Apostolic Faith Church District Superintendent Emmanuel Adeniran Adebayo to visit a formal UCF gathering to minister to the students subject to the approval of the university’s chaplaincy board as part of a soul saving mission.

      This was also a first step to be followed by suggestion for a more official arrangement by the UCF together with the university’s chaplaincy board to invite the global leader of the Apostolic Faith International Headquarters ,Portland , Oregon USA , Superintendent General Darrel Lee to visit the University of Ghana to minister to the entire Christian community immeasurably boost the world ranking status of the University of Ghana as the university currently ranks in the 2000s position globally and relentless prayers are needed for God to raise the university’s rankings to the 1000s position and to the 50s worldwide.

      Request For Prayers Regarding My Marriage Plans—Starting A Married Life With Dorothy Abena Ekuban,Business With Her ,Evangelism And Raising Children With Her

      Please pray for me for God’s favour as I am expecting God to move my fiancee’s family to bring me her engagement list.

      Please pray for my plans regarding starting a married life with my fiancee’ Dorothy Ekuban for God to start working out His plans of providing all that we need for our marriage– our wedding , our daily married life, for God to give us wisdom to keep our home together in the fear of God , for God to give us wisdom to manage our finances, for God to give us married life filled with the peace of God which surpasses human understanding, divine health and strength, confidence, a fruitful and prosperous now and posterity, for God grant us the provision, resources and all the good things we need to train and nurture our children, the luxury we need in life and many more— the blessings of God for which He “addeth no sorrow onto it.”

      We agreed in raising about three children if the labour process was a bit painful or had some little challenges but if not to as many as the Lord would in his wisdom counsel us to give birth to and please pray God to avail for us and help us mightily as we would not want the our baby and child care to be a gross burden on the our mothers.

      We trust that God is able to do all things for us and that He has already answered and has granted the manifestation but we need more of your ceaseless prayers.

      Co- Operation A Key

      Last year I had to work hand in hand with the VISA UG once more last year May / June 2017 when they went on Evangelism Mission Tours spending two weeks in the Volta Region of Ghana.

      This year I hope to visit Bolgatanga, Tamale or Wa in the northern part of Ghana this year in May/June or the Volta Region again for this year’s VISA Missions with the University of Ghana students(Dorothy might escort me ) an objective with the utmost good of personal evangelism and that of gaining “goodwill” for the Apostolic Faith Campus ministry establishment project plans in view.

      Needless to say, God has been blessing my daily evangelism in buses ministry and the personal evangelism in my neighbourhood.

      Please pray for Dorothy and myself for God to make a way for us as part of a familiarisation tour and to continue with further evangelism plans— to visit the Apostolic Faith Church WECA Headquarters in March/April 2018 to spend a week or few more days during the Easter Retreat there in Nigeria.

      I was born in Ewura, Oyo State in Nigeria on 7th April, 1981 and my parents being both Ghanaians re-settled in Ghana when I was 5 years old bring me with them.

      Since that time I had the chance to visit Igbesa, Ogun State ,Nigeria in 2006 at a time when I was trusting God for healing and have since not had funds enough to travel there for church events , property acquisition and for business but please pray for God to make this possible for Dorothy and myself early enough this year while we trust on God to seal the vows of marriage we intend to present before His presence in His tabernacle in the Apostolic Faith church.

      My Specific Prayer Request And I Need Dorothy To Stand With Me

      For this same year 2018 I want God to provide me with money to fulfill all my financial obligations and pledges to the church, family and society: for instance I have vowed and I need God to prosper me so I can honour my word that I would purchase an aircraft — a jet– for the father of all the charismatic churches or movement in Ghana the Archbishop Nicholas A Duncan- Williams and his ministry.

      Please pray for God to stand with Dorothy and I keep us united, grant us the focus we need as a couple and give us very deep and strong love for each other as a couple so we could fulfill this vow and accomplish much more for God and for his Kingdom.

      “Over heathen lands afar
      thick darkness broodeth yet
      arise O “Morning Star”
      arise and never set”

      A verse from

      An Old Hymn.

      Dorothy and I want God to break the thick “financial darkness” that is “brooding over”our lives as a couple and as Africans and for God to open doors for us this year 2018 and sponsor us to visit continents including Asia, South America, and countries like the United Kingdom, Canada (and to visit the Apostolic Faith Church in Portland, Oregon with Rev John Bekoe – the current national leader of the Apostolic Faith work in Ghana).

      Request For Prayers Regarding My Intentions to Write , Publish And Become A Globally Celebrated Writer

      My first poetry book is almost complete but still remains unpublished due to some few issues I need the Lord to resolve so I could get it get to the international market in hard copies and to go digital at and that of several digital platforms across the globe.

      I need very strong prayers for God to grant me more inspiration and wisdom to write more poems this year for publication in national and international newspapers and magazines and to write and publish countless poetry books.

      I started blogging since 2007/2008 and please pray fervently for me this year because I need God to assist me to convert all my blogs into books including international bestselling novels and other useful internationally recognised award winning materials and books.

      I trust that God would make Dorothy very resourceful in this area too.Please pray for God to use her to give me the necessary encouragement.

      Request For Prayers Regarding Our Ten Year Entrepreneurial Dreams –Projects , Investments And Enterprises

      Please pray for the success of our community development projects.

      Dorothy and I have started praying about working on some community development projects in the Greater Accra Region and in the Central Region.

      The first is assisting school drop outs to get back to school through granting them counselling ,useful career advice and through godly influence.

      The next is re- distributing slightly used books students who want to discard them to young student who need them.

      The project name for our community development project work in Accra is dubbed “Agenda Tabora”

      Dorothy and I together would want to be a global giant in the transport sector as we need God to give us a very huge capital to enter into the transport business and please pray for open doors for us.

      We are trusting in God to make us a regular face on globally top viewed television stations hosting shows , doing presentations and performances. Please pray for us for God to help us to first get onto radio and the media in Ghana and for God to open the international opportunities right early.

      Above all please pray God to bless the work of our hands and may God deliver us from every snare of the enemy.May He be a friend to our friends and an enemy to our enemies.

      May continue to bless your ministry and your family circles.

      Yours faithfully,


      Ebenezer Kobina Nyarko Baiden- Amissah

      P O Box LG 1254, Legon





      My next medical check up date is on the 15th January 2018.

      Please pray God to overthrow every accusation the devil and my spiritual enemies have established in the realms of the spirit against my health and healing.

      May God discontinue the medications that the doctors try to give me and pronounce me healed

      May God heal Dorothy from the accident hurt she sustained some few years back.


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      Good morn. Please keep me in prayer. Have a court case today for a protection order for myself and my daughter from my ex husband. He is an emotional abuser and it has been going on for 17 years. My daughter now suffers from depression. He is coming with his attorney which is a very sly guy and my ex works with witchcraft. I have no attorney. Taking God as my attorney. Been awake since 1:30. Can’t sleep. Been praying and reading bible. Feeling anxious. Want this andirty to go and God to fill me with holy spirit. Thank you Gaynor

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